Social media is where the world is at right now. And among the big names, we have Instagram. With numerous features, the app is pretty simple where your account is basically pictures and videos that you can edit, share and send accordingly.

You love the filters they offer, the new ‘stories’ and ‘highlights’ feature, and not to mention the different camera/video options where you can record a video on boomerang or add some fun face filters.

Either way, you get it. Instagram is great and it is probably on your phone. And just like any Instagram user, you follow some people quite actively. If you are into entertainment, you follow all the movie stars. If you are into makeup, you follow all the makeup gurus and brands.

If you are a fashionista, you follow all those trendy glam pages and your favorite brands or models. If you are into cute animals (who isn’t?), you follow all animal related pages you can find on this app.

And just like that, if your interest lies in fitness, you follow accounts related to those. But there is also a unique blend of fitness and fashion which brings us to athleisure.

All those sweatpants, tank tops, sports bras and trainers are what you are into and seeing them put to good use is a great motivation. Considering your fascination for fitness and athleisure, we bring to you 8 accounts you should definitely follow on Instagram for that very purpose.

1. Elizabeth + Dale (@sweatsandthecity)

Okay, first of all, just appreciate how absolutely witty this name is. And the best thing is that this account is run by not one, but two fitness lovers named Elizabeth and Dale. Whether its dance, exercise or looks, these two ladies know how to truly work it. And their fitness fashion is always on point. Not only is it absolutely comfortable for their workouts, but they look marvelous. And their friendship is so goals.

2. Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn)

Okay, hold up. You must obviously have an idea about fitness and how 6 pack abs and a thigh gap must be the definition of it. But honestly, what about internal fitness and body acceptance? Jessamyn Stanley is among many others who break these stereotypes of lean muscles when promoting fitness. This Yoga guru is a true inspiration for many young girls as she shows you how to truly stretch, exercise and get your yoga on while looking absolutely fabulous. You go, girl!

3. Food & Lycra (@foodandlycra)

Three is where the fun is at and also where the fitness fashion seems to be in this case! Three best friends share their fitness journey filled with advice regarding food, workouts and friendship as they travel with laughter and smiles all over. And let us not forget, all three are always on point in regards to their athleisure. So whether you are looking for some wholesome fun on your newsfeed, tips on some tasty recipes or advice regarding exercise, Food and Lycra will be there for you.

4. Hannah Fallis Bronfman (@hannahbronfman)

Killer looks, music sense and fitness goals – you find all these three in Hannah Bronfman. She is a DJ and fitness guru who has joined forces with Adidas Women to make sure ladies around the globe get the best fitness care packages. So not only does she look good, she does a lot of good too. You can always count on her Instagram account to be blown away by her glamour, hard work and some major advice regarding your workouts as well as fashion.

5. Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

Can athleisure and fitness ever be so perfectly put together, you wonder? Of course! Alexia Clark definitely makes it happen as this PT not only motivates you to get fit just by looking at her perfect abs, but gives you some solid tips to help realize your fitness goals. Not to mention, you can head over to Alexia’s count to load up on some casual sportswear, yoga pants and much more in different sizes. Fitness tips and style tips? Sounds like a package.

6. Curtis Williams (@curtiswilliams17)

This high-profile PT is someone that definitely gets you serious about your workout regime just by looking at his posts. And when you know he has trained people like Ne-Yo, you definitely want to be ‘closer‘ to his account and be at least ‘one in a million‘ of his fans. Not only is his fitness on point, but the whole look he has going on definitely has you motivated to look good while trying to be healthy. Keep at it, Williams!

7. Andy Speer(@andyspeer)

You know about Reebok, right? Of course, you do. If you are into fitness and athleisure, it is rather impossible for you to not be aware of Reebok. Well, Andy here is a spokesperson for Reebok and rightly so. The man has you motivated through his words and workouts as he posts different quotes as well as his intense exercises. And you can see by the looks of his body that he is definitely one who follows what he says. You aspire to look like him in every way – whether it’s by the clothes he wears while working out or simply by the way he looks.

8. Bradley Simmonds (@bradleysimmonds)

It is considered unfair how some people have such perfect bodies but you have to understand that many of these individuals work day and night to get them. Bradley is definitely an example who not only cranks it up when it comes to his style sense but also his workout sessions. Whichever city he is in, his training is always intense and so is his fashion sense. Athleisure always seems to look amazing on someone like Bradley and he knows it just as much as you do.

9. Emily Skye Health (@emilyskyefit)

This one just had to be on the list. Fitness icon? Check. On-point athleisure? Check. Mum? Check. Yes, you heard it right. Skye is among many of the fitness mums we adore and she recently got back to her workout after her first baby. And it is fascinating to see her regain those abs and take care of her adorable baby at the same time.

Kudos to her for sure. You can always follow Skye and just wow at her fashion, drool over her family or melt over her daughter. But if you are more into fitness then improve your glutathione level and follow her easy workouts so that you can for sure achieve your goals at home.

And there you have it, have fun with your fitness and athleisure induced newsfeed on your Instagram now. Of course, there are numerous other fitness and athleisure accounts that you can follow who are just as deserving as these individuals to be on this list. If you feel someone should have definitely been here, do let us know!

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