Online Services that helped people

The Internet provides important access to information to keep us safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic. Amid this outbreak, everything happened on the internet from education to essentials, from marriage to funeral, etc. During the lockdown time, the internet connects all of us which faded the feeling of physical isolation. Some of the Online Services that helped people during this covid pandemic are grocery, medical services, recruitment, ID card application, dating, etc.

Digital services acted as a tool in safeguarding citizens. Online services eliminate the hassle of getting the work done by going physically. As it is not advisable to go out during the coronavirus pandemic, these online services helped people a lot by keeping them safe and healthy. The service you required is availed to you after the payment is done online. These services help in alleviating the adverse effect on the economy. Studies have shown that digitized economies have less impact as it mitigates the risks.


During the initial phase of the covid-19 pandemic, the online stores failed to meet the sudden high demand. So physical stores were flooded with people which was not at all considered safe. Groceries come under the essential categories. So many new online grocery stores are bloomed to serve the people. The order and the payment is made online and the grocery items are delivered to your doorstep. In some cases, customers travel to get their pack from the store which is packed ready for them with their name stuck in the front.

ID Card Application

In order to follow social distancing, people could apply for ID card applications online in 2020. To identify the customers during covid-19, many companies helping customers to get the Id card through the internet. Companies like Scannable ID Cards Idsbuddy helped people to get ID cards online. ID cards act as a layer of security in terms of verification.


In the wake of this outbreak, jobseekers were stressed out about whether they could find a job. Hiring managers are responsible for new recruitment and it was challenging as they could not interview in person. So, this scenario forced the companies to switch the whole recruitment process online in order to minimize the risk. As of now, all the interviews happened through video calls. Recruiters have used many trustable applications for a seamless interview experience.

Medical services

Medical is one of the main Online Services that helped people during this ongoing pandemic of covid-19. Through online medical services, a patient could talk to the doctor at anytime and anywhere through video call, voice call, or chat. Telemedicine has an important role in coping up the unpredictable situation. Digital platforms like telemedicine and online health services have worked in order to keep the community healthy and to ensure the hospitals are dedicated to the sick people who are in need of the medical team’s care. With the help of telemedicine, people could screen the initial symptoms of coronavirus disease.


Everyone is cooped up in the home for over six months now. Dating applications have introduced new features to help people to find more connections. Virtual dating with location filters allows people to find a match within their selected zone. Date from home options allows them to be in video call if both agreed. Keeping the social distancing in mind, these applications have enabled the virtual date feature. The distance filters let us match with the people who are only one to a hundred miles from their location earlier. These are some of the important online applications that are helping people during the covid-19 pandemic.

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