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Gambling can be a thrilling experience and you need not have to be rich to try it. You can use a little money just to see how it works, the rules and the thrill. My experience of gambling was in Vegas, and by the end, I had a break even point. There are many gambling places that are also known for their entertainment, food and drinks. The energy is quite different on a gambling floor and if you want to try your luck in gambling, here are a few places to visit.

Las Vegas – Vegas, in the U.S state of Nevada is quite a popular gambling destination. Glitz and glamour make this place up and you will always find some celebrity staying or performing here. The Vegas strip is the place where you want to be to get in on the action. The resort city draws crowds for shopping, food and gambling. Big hotels such as Bellagio put out food feasts such as the Bacchanal Banquet and there is a line to get in. Other places also offer buffets and they are mind blowing. But the main attraction is gambling and you will see most of it happening at night. People are wide awake as they play slot machines to try a game of blackjack. Most large hotels have a casino attached so you don’t have to venture too far out. There are complimentary drinks on offer as you play and if you need a break, you could head over to a party place a few blocks away. Gambling needn’t be serious and you could just have a little fun. Vegas allow visitors to have that fun to the core. Most casinos are open 24 hours but get active at night. Some hotels specialize in one kind of betting. Caesars Palace is open for sports betting and Aria is known for the best slot games. Choose one that you like the best and have fun!

Macau – Macau is a place where gambling has been legal for a while now – since the 1850s. The Portuguese government had legalized it and this has earned it the name of Monte Carlo of the East. Gambling is so big here that it makes up 50% of the economy.  Till the introduction of western style gambling games, Macau usually had Chinese gambling games such as Fan Tan. Today one can find baccarat, roulette, Sic bo, keno, boule and blackjack to play here. Most visitors to Macau come from mainland China and Hong Kong, but more and more international tourists are getting interested. There are different betting options in Macau – greyhound racing, lotteries, casino games and sports betting to name a few like in syair hk. Macau is a special administrative region just like Hong Kong. There are around 40 casinos in Macau and located over Taipa Island, Cotai Strip and Macau Peninsula. Almost all of them are open for 24 hours so you can choose to gamble whenever you want.

Monaco –The sovereign city state of Monaco is a microstate in Western Europe. It is recognized as one of the wealthiest and expensive places in the world. Gambling in Monaco goes back to the 1800s. Because the House of Grimaldi was in need of money and hence a casino was established. The casinos were established in the Monte Carlo area and today it is a gambling Mecca. The Monte Carlo Casino complex is famous and quite luxurious too, attracting the rich and royal. The state’s citizens aren’t allowed to be in the casinos, except if they are employees and foreign nationals are free to gamble here. It can be said that gambling is a major source of income for this state. The Monte Carlo area has nightclubs, restaurants and hotels to meet the demands of tourists who visit for a luxurious holiday and gambling.

Atlantic City – Atlantic City is a resort city in New Jersey in the United States. It is popular for beaches, boardwalk and casinos. Casino gambling is legalized in this city and it is also known as the gambling capital of the east in the US. It has nine casinos in operation and they generate almost $3.3 billion as revenues. The city has had a history of slot machines, bookmaking and number games in the 1800s to 1900s. Sports betting, scratch offs, quick draw, Powerball and mega millions are some of the games that are currently operated in Atlantic city. The city often organizes charity events as well, so all the non-gamblers can enjoy. There are carnivals, amusement parks and boardwalks to entertain visitors as well.

Reno – Reno is a gambling haven for those who prefer a little less of glitz of glamour. Reno has its own charm but it isn’t too over the top. And those who don’t prefer Vegas, often visit Reno. The Biggest Little Town – Reno has over 20 casinos where you can have a little fun and enjoy gambling.

Before you try your luck in gambling, one must be aware of the legal age for entry. Apart from physical casinos, one can gamble online on the internet as well. But some caution is needed when gambling online as not all are licensed and legal. Legal operations are necessary as they guarantee that you aren’t cheated. So if you want to try your luck, head out to one of the places on this list and enjoy!

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