things companies do to keep their employees motivated

Employee motivation has been seen to directly affect an employer’s performance. This is so important, that this area is studied, and managers are taught how to keep employees going. Research has been done to identify things companies do to keep their employees motivated. Various theories have been formed such as motivation-hygiene and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to ensure that good employees are motivated to work for companies. Companies have to understand that disengaged and demotivated workers can hurt the efficiencies of the company, even if they show up to work. Plus, a good and motivated worker, who doesn’t like the current job scenario in your company may jump ship. Hence, it is important to understand your workforce and keep the right employees motivated.

If you want a few ideas on things companies do to keep their employees motivated, here are a few.

  1. Facilitate career paths

Make it so that the employees don’t look at the jobs as just a means to pay bills. That is important too, but it must be more than that. Some employers find it too hard to balance between right pay and mentally rewarding work. Some pay too little and try to increase mental satisfaction. But without enough pay, the mental satisfaction does not stick. Some pay too much and there is zero mental satisfaction. Maslow’s theory is a great indicator here of how employers must create rewards. Pay enough, but not too little and then create mental satisfaction. Help employees chart a career path in the organisation. This will help them visualise where they can be with the right steps. One of which is working efficiently and smartly. Ask them about their career interests so you can assign work that they like doing.


  1. Be Transparent and make them feel valued

Rewards are good, but employees also need to feel included. Companies that are transparent with their employees report higher satisfaction and motivation. Employees appreciate being kept up to date. Inform then about major decisions and be candid. Gather employee input and make them a part of the conversation and decisions.Offer praise when they have done well and thank them for doing a good job. Punishing employees doesn’t always work as much as positive reinforcement. This makes them feel valued.


  1. Corporate gifts and non-cash rewards

When you are thinking about rewarding employees for a job well done or completing a certain number of years with the company, think beyond cash rewards. Corporate gifts such as branded or personalised items for the house or the car can make a big difference. For example, my father always remembers the branded watch his employers gave when he retired. My uncle got a luggage set that he still uses and remember his employers.


  1. Positive environment

Try creating a positive and happy work environment for your employees. A happy workforce means they are more productive and motivated. A team lunch or reserved parking can make a huge difference in how your employees feel. Encourage learning in a way that shows how you are investing your employees for their betterment. Business trips or offset sessions are also ways to promote a good work environment.


  1. Work life balance and celebration of milestones

Make work life balance mandatory, not just on paper but in action too. Offer sufficient vacation and be considerate when the employees go through difficult phases in life. For example, many companies don’t have a limit to sick leave. Although it may be no pay, but at least they have a job when they get better. Also celebrate milestones with the employee, as an employer. Recognise his wedding anniversary or the time he has given to the company.

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