In recent years, CBD has taken over the wellness industry in the Western world because of its healing properties. Even though herbal medicines are gaining a lot of ground as a DIY and the most common way of treating ailments, it is still quite vital to seek a doctor’s word on the same. 

CBD and Kratom as herbal remedies happen to be more productive and cost-efficient. Since CBD has similar properties to that of an antidepressant, it may relieve you from stress and anxiety. Although Kratom is not as famous as CBD, it does come with some remarkable healing properties. 

But, in the end, it all comes down to their legality in a global market. If you plan on traveling with any of these compounds abroad or even within your home country, you might have to fight legal issues. Although several studies done on both of them prove some of their health benefits, the legal identity of CBD and Kratom remains in the grey area. 

Despite having healing properties, they are still illegal in various parts of the world. But, it’s time we should emphasize on why Kratom and CBD should be legalized globally. Let’s dig into it deeper-

  • Ideal alternatives to prescribed medication

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the United States is going through its worst phase of the opioid overdose outbreak. In the past 15 years, the deaths caused by prescribed opioids have quadrupled, and in 2014, close to twenty thousand Americans died because of their use.

Being a natural substance, Kratom tends to self-treat acute and chronic pain, and may also deal with depressive disorders, anxiety, or PTSD. The recreational drug has been brought to use by the users to reduce the withdrawal symptoms from many types of prescribed drugs. CBD, however, with its non-psychoactive properties happens to intensify the interest amidst the patients.

CBD containing THC within the legal limits does not provide a feeling and may reduce inflammation, epilepsy, seizures, and many more ailments. The bottom line is that Kratom and CBD can play an essential role as the ideal alternatives to prescribed opioids because of their medicinal properties. 

  • CBD & Kratom can reduce addiction

Apart from relieving pain and other ailments, Kratom also serves as an alternative to reduce addictions from many types of substances. In the year 2011, Transnational Institute and International Drug Policy Consortium did a joint study in Thailand, which constituted over the effects of Kratom. The study reported that Kratom helped manage detoxification and reduce pain from the symptoms of withdrawal in addicts who were under the influence of heroin and alcohol. So, if Kratom is legal in your country, you can simply look up for ‘clean, well-made Kratom near me’ on google, and locate the nearest store.

CBD can work around the damaged brain cells to communicate in individuals who are addicted to heroin. There have been a limited number of suggestions towards CBD having therapeutic properties that reduce the craving of opioid, cocaine, and also psychostimulant addiction.

  • They are natural mood enhancers

Since Kratom contains active alkaloids and perplex pharmacology, it has a strong ability to enhance productivity in day to day routines, be it work or social situations. Moreover, Kratom can serve as a sedative in higher doses and as a stimulant in minimal doses. This process allows users to plan the right dosage to meet specific issues and needs.

CBD does not tend to push the serotonin levels but might affect the response of the brain’s chemical receptors to serotonin. In the year 2014, a study on animals showed the effects of CBD on the receptors and how it produced anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects.

  • Both can increase levels of concentration

Because of the presence of active compounds (opioid agonists), Kratom may increase the levels of productivity, helping you to concentrate better. This compound gets roped to your brain and increases the concentration and cognition levels. Research also shows that Kratom tends to leave a stimulating effect, which improves focus, energy, and results in providing the much-needed productive hours.

CBD, however, allows more serotonin to flow through the brain in the same way as SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor). In such a process, it increases the levels of serotonin, which leads to reduced anxiety. Less anxiety, as a result, improves concentration and focus.

  • They can boost the immune system

CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the inflammatory response of the immune system. Since inflammation happens to be the vital response that isolates all the infected areas, this cycle prevents the spread of such toxins. CBD canada may also promote cellular death or apoptosis, which binds the immune system together from triggering diabetes and many similar ailments.

A study on several alkaloids found in Kratom leaves shows that the integrative effects can leave quite an impact on the resilience and strength of the immune system. The leaf extracts of Kratom have antimicrobial and free radical scavenging properties making Kratom a natural source of antioxidants.

  • Kratom and CBD can manage diabetes

Not many people are aware of Kratom’s effects on the levels of blood sugar. The alkaloids in Kratom leaves help in regulating the glucose and insulin level in the blood, which in turn prevents the dangerous troughs and peaks that individuals who have diabetes face. This not only helps them to manage such a disorder but also prevents it from developing further.

As far as CBD is concerned, it has anti-inflammatory properties. And, since diabetes is an inflammatory condition, CBD shows a lot of promise in insulin resistance reduction. CBD also helps in the moderation of blood sugars for individuals who have type 2 diabetes.

The bottom line

Prescribed medication has caused more deaths than drug addiction. Hence, they are rapidly getting replaced by these alternative natural options. With the opioid epidemic also stretching to a second decade in a row, it has become quite necessary for the regulatory bodies to legalize the use of Kratom and CBD globally.

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