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5 Things that Can Transform the Looks of a Man

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When we think of dressing up or having a makeover, it is usually women that we imagine. Men mostly dismiss the fact that there are things that can transform the looks of a man and don’t think too much about it. But it is possible to completely transform your looks with a few simple additions and subtractions. Makeovers work for men as well. If you have seen a male model and wonder at how well-groomed and stylish, they look, fret not. Here a few ways in which you can transform your looks as well.

  1. Wardrobe

The right wardrobe can make you look like a completely different person. Clothes can add more personality to your image and this is why we see that many, including politicians, world leaders, heads of certain companies, dress in a certain way. The wardrobe can convey things. Top leaders use power dressing with crisp shirts and proper cut suits which convey control and power. You will find no leader, in an official meeting, dressed shabbily or casually. If you want to be taken seriously then it would do good to change the stretched-out clothes. Get proper shirts, shoes and a belt to match- a new look. People will definitely notice. And don’t go overboard, you can choose simple clothes but with better accessories such as jackets to get the right look. Take a look at the jacket collection at nycleatherjackets.com for some cool ideas.

  1. Beard

Men’s beards, when well-groomed, can make a huge difference in their looks. But beards may work for some and not work for others. So, you will just have to try and see if it works for you. For some, the clean-shaven look works best, stick to that. But if a beard is something you want to try, keep it maintained with beard soap, conditioner, oil and trimmer. If the beard goes well with your hairstyle and face, you will look good even with a full beard. It is something that can completely transform the looks of a man. Many men that look average clean-shaven, look extremely sexy with a beard and now it’s back in trend too.

  1. Hair

Hair is automatically spotted on men. A good hairstyle can make you look attractive as it can get attention to the right features on your face. There are many hairstyles out there for men. If you have a rounder head, then consider trimming on the side and back while letting it grow out on top. This can make your face look slimmer. There are plenty of options like this and you can use it to your advantage. If you are keeping hair long, take care of it and trim it every few weeks. You could be using a gel too, but don’t use too much so that your hair looks flat on your head. You can get a few tips online or with a hairdresser on how to style your hair post the haircut.

  1. Physique

A good physique can make most clothes look good on your body. So, exercise a little and try to maintain good health. A bit of muscle on you and women will begin noticing you. Try to reduce the intake of junk food and eat healthy to stay fit. There is nothing more attractive than a man who is fit. You don’t have to have a six-pack. But if you can lift up heavy things and help women out, you will definitely be appreciated.

  1. Attitude and Posture

Maintain a good posture – walking properly and standing straight. This makes you look lean and serious. A good posture can also give confidence. Don’t slouch. Slouching just shows how uninterested you are. Your attitude is also what matters a lot. A person who is positive and enthusiastic will be more attractive than someone who is not.

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