Maintenance of heating and air conditioning

Heating and air conditioning appliances are crucial for the home since it ensures comfort of your house. HVAC system is installed in almost every household and it works efficiently in adjusting the room temperature according to the climate and weather. Heating and air conditioning appliances are bulky and usually durable. Maintenance of heating and air conditioning appliances is a crucial task and must be carried out efficiently. Professional help, such as hvac repair Chicago, can be taken in the matter but it can be done at home using simple steps. Some of the methods in which HVAC system can be taken care of are discussed below.


Changing the filters is an easy yet significant task when it comes to maintaining heavy home appliances like HVAC system. The filters must be cleaned every three months. However, it is advisable to clean them every month, if used regularly. Filters that are rated MERV 7-11 is the best option for the system. Anything more might hinder the airflow and eventually affect the system. If you buy an appliance that has an in built purification system, the instruction manual must be followed to take care of the filters. The ductless ones require cleaning the filters once in a while for efficient working.


In order to keep a check on the performance of the system, it is important to update the thermostat setting once in a while. In case you have an old mechanical thermostat, it is advisable to upgrade it to a smart and auto model for better results. A programmable thermostat enables you to set the temperature higher when you are leaving the house. Thus, you shall come back to a comfortable home when you return. This process is absolutely safe. Other features are provided by adjustable thermostats which vary from one product to another.


The exterior unit of the HVAC system is more vulnerable to environmental extremities and thus, requires special attention. It is prone to dirt, dust and even damage. This affects the performance of the system and reduces airflow. In order to clean the exterior, the power needs to be turned off. Once done, tools like the garden hose to wash off the debris from the top, at an angle of 45 degrees. Avoid using power washer as it might damage the fins and other delicate parts.  San Marcos HVAC provides maintenance for home and commercial HVAC appliances.


In order to maintain the heater effectively, the heat pump must be checked. This shall ensure the desirable performance of the heating system in peak seasons. If the system is used all year long, you must take some time off in order to clean the heat pump. The heat pump affects the airflow and is often subjected to wear and tear with time. If not taking care of, it might affect the entire HVAC system. Thus, it shall be cleaned according to the instruction manual or through professional assistance.


The oil ports shall be lubricated once in a while for the system to work effectively. This shall ensure the efficient performance of the shaft and would generate desired results. Lubrication also prevents rust from damaging the internal parts of the appliances. Maintenance of heating and air conditioning system will improve its performance and make them last longer.

In conclusion, heavy home appliances like the HVAC system is crucial for the household, thus requires maintenance from time to time. These goods are bulky as well as pricey, thus changing them might be a difficult task. Hence, the best option is to maintain them using simple methods.


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