Crystals and stones for anxiety and stress

Distressing situations are present in anyone’s life, many people face them with crystals and stones to calm anxiety. While they have not been scientifically proven, achieving balance through these elements is a practice that has become very popular over time, and certainly cannot hurt. If you want to try use crystals for anxiety and gemstones to achieve stable energy, the most recommended are the following:

1. Rose quartz is one of the most used stones for calming anxiety

When stress and anxiety are present it is difficult for you to think about anything other than your problems. Therefore, personal care and love for yourself and others is of great importance. How do stones help you to calm your anxiety with this? Rose quartz has properties that people find useful.

Rose quartz crystals are related to love directed towards family, friends and yourself. What you can do is place one of these stones on your desk or next to your bed. Thus, each time you see it, you will remember that it is necessary to breathe deeply and take care of yourself.

2. Amethyst stone to relieve stress

People consider amethyst crystals to be gemstones capable of creating an energy shield. This prevents anxiety and stress from reaching you and can also calm both problems when they are excessive and affect you. An amethyst dispels the negativity found in your body. It is valid that you use these types of crystals to make talismans or other accessories that you carry with you in your day to day. In case you do not have elements of this type, carry an amethyst in your pocket or bag whenever you want. You can also wear these gems as pendants, necklaces, chains, bracelets or rings.

3. Citrine to combat anxiety

The citrine crystal is a light yellow gem, therefore, they are related to the energy of the sun. Due to the above, many use them to attract creativity and physical stamina. In addition, it can improve your mood. How is this stone used?

There are several ways to carry this gem with you to improve your mood, one of them is in amulets that are made with it. When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, just never forget to carry this stone with you during the day and you will notice how these emotions are calming down and the bad energy is dissipating.

4. Quartz to reduce distress

Quartz crystals are the most recommended minerals for those who are beginning to use stones to calm anxiety or overwhelm. All beginners do well to have them in their collection. The most experienced in this practice affirm that the clear or white colored quartz is “the master healer”. White quartz is one of the most sought after stones to generate harmony, calm and clarity in your interior. This reduces anguish, overwhelm and has a balanced view of any problem. You can wear a piece of this type of quartz whenever you want as jewelry accessories such as pendants, rings, bracelets or chains.

5. The Carnelian stone to avoid overwhelm

Carnelian stone is characterized by being orange, in some cases it has an intense hue. This gem is used with the aim of generating stabilization and motivating decisions that have positive effects on life. Making important decisions is something that can be overwhelming, but carnelian is a gem that contributes to concentration. It is also believed to clear the mind and improve perception in difficult times. As with other gems, a piece of this one can be taken anywhere.

6. Blue Lace Agate to eliminate tension

Not expressing your feelings creates tension in your body and other problems such as stress and overwhelm. Blue Lace Agate is a gemstone used to improve communication and therefore express feelings more clearly. Blue Lace Agate is a crystal used to make bracelets and necklaces, so it is good that you use it to achieve energy harmonization. You can also include them in charms or pendants that you place in your home.

It is necessary to clarify that when we talk about stones to calm anxiety we are not telling you that they are capable of permanently relieving stress. If you decide to use them, it is essential that you accompany the practice with techniques such as breathing and meditation. Interested? You can buy them from this crystals shop.

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