It’s a fact that our skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness as we age. A few years ago, some researchers discovered an easy way to reverse this process. They found that applying pressure on the skin for five minutes each day produced collagen and elastin, which helped tighten the skin over time. The researchers and many dermatologists agree that skin tightening is a safe remedy for skin sagging. In Wildwood, FL, these specialists employ high technology in their operations. A Wildwood skin tightening expert will first discuss the Procedure with you.

The Procedure can Address Hyperpigmentation.

If you have had damage to your skin due to sun exposure, age spots, or acne scars, there is an easy way to remove these damaged cells. After the removal, new cells are formed that are healed and ready for rejuvenation. This Procedure can be used on all areas of the body. Treatment is quick, and it doesn’t include any downtime. 

There are Many Treatment Options Available

Choosing the right treatment option is based on your unique needs. There are many procedures available that range from non-surgical options to surgery. It is essential to talk with a skilled dermatologist about your options for skin tightening. The doctor will perform an examination and then give you advice for making the best choice for your needs. 

Post-Treatment Effects

Discomfort is only temporary, and it shouldn’t last for more than a few days after the Procedure. To ensure your comfort, you may receive pain medication before the treatment begins. Most people are surprised how little discomfort there is with this type of Procedure because it has been used in other areas of medicine for years. There is also the option of radiofrequency treatment combined with ultrasound and massage to help smooth out cellulite and increase blood flow in problem areas. 

Cellulite Treatment: Radiofrequency Combined with Ultrasound and Massage Therapy

People who suffer from cellulite often wonder if there is a solution to get rid of it without painful surgery. There are many treatments available that can reduce the appearance of cellulite. One type of treatment is ultrasound combined with massage to help improve blood flow in the affected areas.

This procedure uses radiofrequency to help smooth out dimpled skin and tighten up sagging skin in problem areas. During your consultation, you might be advised to use an FDA-approved cellulite treatment cream for best results. 

Minimal Recovery TimeFor Cellulite Removal

Because there is no surgery involved with this cellulite treatment, most people only need a few days to recover. You might notice that your skin is pink or swollen after the procedure since it is sensitive during this time. Your doctor may recommend staying out of sunlight for a few weeks so the treated areas can heal. Most patients have a full recovery in just a few days. 

You Can Use Cellulite Creams at Home

In addition to in-office treatments, you can also use cellulite creams for best results. You can see your dermatologist before or after using these creams for best results. The FDA has cleared some of these products for sale over the counter. Talk to your doctor about cellulite creams that are best for you.

Skin tightening is a safe and effective way to reverse the natural effects of aging, sun damage, or acne scars. While there are many different types of skin-tightening procedures available for purchase, you must choose the one which best suits your needs.

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