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6 Years Ago Madeleine McCann Disappeared, Yet Her Parents Still Haven’t Gone To Prison

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It has been six years since three-year old Madeleine McCann disappeared while vacationing in Portugal with her parents Kate and Gerry and two two-year old twin siblings.  The three children were left alone while the two adults decided to go eat dinner at a nearby restaurant and on their only check of the night discovered that Madeleine was gone.

Recently there has been new evidence that is now being investigated. That is of course good news and even so if she’s found the one question that continues to come up is why haven’t Kate and Gerry gone to prison? The two parents were negligent and worst of all it was in a foreign country.

According to a Dailymail article in October of 2007 by Vanessa Allen, that wasn’t the first time the children were left alone. Here’s what got said “their children were left alone for up to three hours a night while the nine-strong group enjoyed their meals – typically washed down with eight to ten bottles of wine a night.

The McCann’s rationale for not hiring a babysitter “they did not want to disrupt their children’s normal routines, or to leave them with a stranger.” Also, during this time in 2007, it was found that there were 81 lies told.

Here’s a look at some of those:

  • Lied that you can see the apartment from the Tapas Bar
  • Lied about who checked and when (changing their stories)
  • Lied that the door was locked and changed it to unlocked when it was not well received
  • Lied that the door was closed, then it was open because of ‘danger of fire’
  • Lied saying they had called the Police when it was in fact Mark Warner
  • Lied as to what time the Police arrived
  • Lied saying they would not do anything to hinder the investigation
  • They said a lie detector test would clear them and now refuse to take one
  • Gerry lied about Kate’s ability to cope with three children on her own when her own Parents and her own diary say different

There’s one thing to get said about a parent doing their due diligence and making sure that the child is safe even if it means disrupting routines or by bringing in someone new to babysit especially while enjoying drinks and the surroundings of a foreign country. Kate and Gerry didn’t do any of this and as a result Madeleine is gone and no that’s not punishment it’s a direct result to their own selfishness.

For example if a drunk driver runs a red light, hits a pedestrian who as a result dies from the injuries does the driver get to avoid prison due to feelings of remorse?

So how come the McCann’s who also broke the law get a free pass? Many people are sympathetic to their cause, yet the reality is the twins should have gotten removed from the home with Kate and Gerry going to prison. If Madeleine is found she shouldn’t get returned to her parents and instead should get the opportunity to learn how her parents failed and abandoned her in a foreign country.

Then as an adult can decide to have a relationship with her parents.

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