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When you hear the word luxurious, you probably think expensive or unattainable. However, designing spaces that are elegant and luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on furnishing and decoration. Stylish doesn’t always equal expensive, and after reading these seven simple tips, you’ll understand that you can still design an elegant living space without breaking the bank.

Use a warm color palette to create a serene vibe

The first step in designing luxurious interiors is the choice of the color scheme you are going to use. Colors have a big impact on how we feel, and using warm tones will help create a cozy and inviting living space, infusing it with a sense of serenity. Warm beige, off white, and light brown are all excellent color choices that can help transform your room into a peaceful oasis. Calming and subtle, a neutral color palette injected with some warmth and paired with accessories will take your room from bland and basic to elegant and refined in no time.

Lighting scheme

Implement effective lighting to illuminate your living space

Lighting plays an important role in designing luxurious spaces as it directly affects our perception of space. When used strategically, lights can completely change the way the room looks. Other than being a functional design element, lighting can also be a great statement piece that will add a touch of luxury to your interior. Whether it’s a table lamp, chandelier, or a wall sconce, a lighting fixture with an interesting design can really elevate the look of your living space. Bring some drama in by using modern, oversized lampshades with metallic bases and shiny finishes to emulate high-end look.

Mirrors in interior design

Use chic mirrors to give your room a grander feel

A quintessential accessory, wall mirrors go a long way in creating sophisticated spaces. Other than being an effective decorating tool, mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of spaciousness. Position your mirrors near the window to reflect the natural light coming in. That way, your room will appear larger, thus giving your interior a grander feel. Don’t limit the use of mirrors only to your bathroom. A mirror above your antique credenza will make for a great focal point, while full-size wall mirrors in the bedroom will provide your room with depth and give it that luxe, shiny feel.

Rugs in interior design

Dress up your interiors with stylish rugs

A great way to introduce texture into your living space is to add rugs. Perfect for visually dividing the space, rugs act as a base for the room, tying all the elements into a cohesive whole. Layer your hardwood floors with stylish area rugs to dress them up and make the whole place look more warm and cozy. Look for a rug that can easily fit under the sofa, chairs, and coffee table to showcase all the furniture and make the room feel bigger. Layering ensures that your living space does not look bare while also adding value and charm.


Install a quality heating system for a pleasant atmosphere

Besides adding rugs to your interiors, another way to make your home warm and cozy is to install quality heating system. Home renovation is burgeoning in countries such as Australia, with about 60% of homeowners tackling renovations annually. With many Aussies making a conscious effort to lessen the impact on the environment, it’s no wonder a majority of homeowners are choosing eco-friendly heating systems to ensure high energy efficiency. When aiming to create a tranquil and luxurious feel in their interiors, many Aussie homeowners opt for hydronic underfloor heating in Sydney – an affordable luxury, it’s the perfect way to ensure a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in their home.

Modern pillows

Enrich your living space with luxurious textures

Another great way to infuse your living space with a glamorous feel is to add luxe textures. Bring a dose of elegance into your living space through the use of materials such as silk, cashmere, and velvet. Swap your dated drapery for soft, velvet curtains, introduce furniture with plushy upholstery, and lay down a sheepskin rug for a touch of warmth. For an added comfort, throw a cozy, knit blanket over your living room sofa and include a couple of throw pillows with various textures to add visual weight, thus creating a lush, sophisticated paradise you’ll enjoy spending time in.

A bouquet of flowers

Add a bouquet of fresh flowers for a sophisticated look

A great finishing touch, fresh flowers go a long way in elevating the look of your living space. Enrich the interior of your home with a couple of fresh bouquets of luscious flowers to increase visual appeal. Natural air fresheners, flowers fill the air with their opulent fragrances, while their vivacious and colorful blooms make for an interesting decor element. Place a vase on your kitchen table, in your living room and hallway to capture the true essence of upscale living. Orchids, peonies, or lilies – whichever flowers you choose, your home is sure to look more luxurious and refined.

Designing a living space that is sophisticated and elegant doesn’t have to be an expensive and overwhelming task. Creating a luxurious retreat in your home without spending much is possible, and with these seven interior design tricks up your sleeve, you are sure to pull off a classier look of subtle luxury while still getting that refined, high-end feel.

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