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Combining the duties of motherhood and those of work can be hectic for moms. They, however, can reap the benefits of yoga for moms whenever they make yoga a workout routine at home. They can even involve their kids whenever they are exercising.

Moms can testify that combining duties can be extremely hectic: work deadlines, parenting responsibilities, cleaning up the house, attending social events and having to keep fit through exercise. Without a definite plan and schedule, all this can be overwhelming and can quicken aging among busy moms. Luckily, integrating yoga into your daily routine as a mom can help you keep fit and also introduce your kids so they can stay fit as well.

Benefits of Yoga for Stay-At-Home Moms

Thinking of starting a routine of yoga for moms at home? Below are reasons why you should and some benefits of yoga for moms:

1. Helps You Keep Fit

Setting aside time for the gym could be practically impossible for most moms, even for those who stay at home. In that case, yoga for moms would be an excellent idea as it helps you keep fit at the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about running late while at the gym again!

2. Keeps Your Mind Energized

Moms working from home set aside working hours before working on other household chores. After long working hours, moms need some time to blow off the stress of having to work and dealing with their kids at the same time. One of the benefits of yoga is that it helps to reboot the brain and keep one energized.

3. Perfect for Bonding with the Kids

Stay-at-home moms spend most of their time with the kids. Things could get better by involving the kids in their workout routines. As much as yoga is great when doing it alone, it is just as cool when you engage the kids. Yoga for stay-at-home moms also helps in the development of young brains. What’s more, yoga for moms and kids presents the perfect bonding time for the mom and kids.

Fitting Yoga into Your Life as a Stay-At-Home Mom

With most stay-at-home moms struggling to fit activities into their busy schedules, it is important to learn some of the ways you can fit in yoga into your daily routine. Read on!

1. Take Advantage of Your Children’s Nap Time

Most babies below the age of ten are accustomed to napping during the day. It is essential for moms doing yoga to capitalize and use this moment before the kids are up again. Yoga for stay-at-home moms can also be scheduled for the time older kids go out to play or meet their friends in the neighborhood.

2. Make It an Early Morning Routine

Engaging in yoga at home for moms can be difficult, especially during the day. The best option that stay-at-home moms have is waking early in the morning and kick-starting the day with a yoga session. The rest of the day can be utilized for work commitments and other chores such as grocery shopping.

3. Use Up that Lunch Break

Moms working from home also have that time of the day when they break for lunch. At this time when kids are also having their lunch. It presents the perfect time to engage in yoga for stay-at-home moms before they can embark on other duties. There is no better way of enjoying your break than engaging in a yoga session – an excellent idea for practicing yoga for busy moms.

4. Involve the Kids

Yoga for stay-at-home moms could present its challenges as one tries to fit it into their daily activities. One of the reasons it could be discouraging is because of the kids, as you also have to set aside time for them. Involving the kids into your yoga sessions could make it easier to make a daily routine as it also keeps them occupied during that time.

5. Seek Help from Your Partner

A supportive partner is also key to engaging in yoga for stay-at-home moms. Whenever your partner gets home from work, don’t be afraid to ask him to watch over the kids as you start your yoga session or attend a yoga class. In any case, it’s the least they can do as partners!

6. Keep a Journal

It may sound like a joke, but keeping track of your yoga journey is vital in perfecting it. It acts as a visual guide and helps you remain focused as you get to see the pattern of your yoga routines.

7. Find Your Clique

Having a group of friends that are also interested in yoga for stay-at-home moms is also essential to fitting yoga into your routine. These are the people that inspire and lift you whenever you are not in the mood for yoga. What’s more, it creates a special bond whenever you practice together.


Yoga for stay-at-home moms helps them keep fit and be active all day long. However, fitting it into the daily routine could be hectic. Waking up early, involving the kids, and identifying your clique of yoga friends helps fit yoga into your life easily.

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