If you are a nonprofit organization, you might have already come across the notion of online fundraising. It is a very effective method for nonprofits to raise their target funds and spread awareness about their organization.

Now, when it comes to starting a campaign, many organizations find themselves at loss in generating a successful fundraising idea. There are many online fundraising ideas that create quite an impact and make the donors donate to your cause.

In this article we will discuss some online fundraising ideas, which are sure to bring you success to your fundraising campaign. Take a look.

7 Innovative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits


Crowdfunding is undoubtedly is most popular and effective way for nonprofit organizations to raise funds. Crowdfunding is deemed effective for multiple reasons.

A crowdfunding platform has the potential to reach a large number of audience outside of your established network. You can interact with a lot of supporters who visit your website or crowdfunding page.

It also becomes very easy to market your cause across a vast number of audience and thus help you streamline your donations collections from supporters.

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• Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to peer fundraising is much like crowdfunding but in this case, supporters can help you reach your fundraising goals. In peer to peer fundraising, you might run a fund raising campaign, but each donor of your campaign can set a small fundraising goal of their own to help you achieve your fundraising goal quickly and within stipulated time.

• T-Shirt Fundraising

T-Shirt fundraising is a very innovative and fun way of fundraising for your nonprofit organization. In this type of fundraising you sell customized T-shirts to generate the funds.

There are many online sources that supports online T-shirt fundraising programs and create cool customized T-shirts for your campaign.

The T-shirts should be designed in a way that will make the potential donors realize that they are for a good cause and thus be excite to wear your T-shirt. This is good way to raise money for your nonprofit organization.

• Donation Matching

Donation matching is another good way to earn funds for your nonprofit organization. The donors who donate for your cause would love to know that they money that they are donating are put to a good cause.

It is even more comforting for donors to know that people supporting the same cause as them match the amount that they donated.

Also it seen multiple times, that people love to donate to a charity or a cause when they know that their gifts will be matched.

• Pinterest Boards

Targeting a social media platform to raise funds can help a nonprofit organization to achieve their fundraising goals quickly.

Pinterest is one such influential platform. People scroll through Pinterest for almost everything. So putting up an image or infographic or a quote on Pinterest that will grab people’s attention is a good way to raise awareness about your program. Just don’t forget to pin the link that directs back to your fundraising page.

• Facebook Fundraising

Facebook is a pretty dominant social media platform. So sharing your fundraising link or creating a page on Facebook will guarantee that your campaign reaches to a vast audience and potential donors and thus help you reach your fund raising goal quickly.

• Fundraising Emails

If you have a growing email list, then you can take advantage of this list to send email fundraising campaigns asking for donations.

You can also personalize your emails and even segment the mailing lists so that you can target the subscribers who show an interest in your campaign.

Final Words

Online fundraising not only gives nonprofit organizations an opportunity to raise funds but also help them gather a larger supporter base. Using these online fundraising ideas you will be able to raise the funds that you want for your organization in an effective way.

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