Since chin straps are one of the fundamental protective items to buy for maintaining and preserving your helmet. This is one of the chief accessories that you can outfit your helmet with. An appropriate, well-fitted chin strap can help with improving the fit of your helmet as well as maximizing the absolute protection that it offers.

Chin straps nowadays have extra features to consider like comfy gel padding and stable, adjustable straps. Before the next football season starts, have a look at this helpful guide about this essential protective gear before choosing the best chin strap for the game, since one style doesn’t fit everyone.




Chin Straps

Chins straps must offer a comfortable, secure fit for football players, to meet these requirements, most are made from a nylon material which is rugged enough for the nature of the game, but also offers an ideal fit and level of comfort that players demand.

Padding And Shells

Shells, which are impact-resistant and that are made with medical-grade foam are excellent features on chin straps for preventing irritation while wearing them. Other models may have removable padding and hypoallergenic foam that can be washed to get rid of dirt and sweat build-up in the crevices.


Hook-Up Styles Of Chin Straps

Contingent on the style of your helmet, there are various ways in how you can attach the chin strap. Most models quickly hoop up on a helmet but bear in mind that some chin straps are specifically designed for fitting on specific manufacturer helmets. For the most part, straps include two standard hook-up styles: low and high. Check out GameDayr for all your football gear requirements.



With high hook-up configuration, the straps on the chin strap attached to a snap button, which is located above the facemask of your helmet. The two straps on the bottom, which are used when taking off the helmet, can be attached to two separate buttons, which you can find below each earhole.



Low hook-up configuration necessitates attaching the two top chin straps, which are located on the cheeks of your helmet. The two bottom straps can be attached to the two snap buttons, which can be found below both earholes.

Whatever your requirement of hook-up configuration may entail, take the time to ensure your chin straps are fitting secure, but is easily removed before your next game.



Chin straps are adjustable and are relatively easily adjusted to the precise preference. However, there are sizes for adults, youths, or one-size-fits-all. If you are unsure about whether your helmet is an adult or a youth size model, you can find the information by check the backside or inside of the helmet. To restate, always check if the chin strap you’re looking to buy can be outfitted to the helmet you have. If it is the case, you can find a size that fits your level of play, whether being suitable for youth, high school players, or upward.

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