Technology is evolving at lightning speed, and predictions of technology trends have become impossible. As technology is evolving at such a fast rate, new technology is progressing at an exponential rate. Technology is playing a major role in every sphere of life, be it climate change or income inequality. Budding technology exhibit human innovation and offers a hint of a sustainable, comprehensive future for the human race and upcoming generation. How Tech Progressed in 2019 and the Biggest Trends Seen is a wonder and excellence of human innovation and entrepreneurship. Emerging technologies must have a positive impact on the existing one.

Some of the promising technologies of 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Ai has already received a lot of attention in recent years and will be a trend to watch in the future as it has just started taking baby steps. This technology affects every aspect of life. The computer system is built to impersonate human intelligence so they can perform tasks like recognizing speech, image, patterns and could take the decision of their own.AI are used in everyday applications like navigation apps, smartphone finger or voice reorganization, streaming service, and smart home devices. For train schedules, predicting maintenance, improving energy efficiency and predicting business trends and risk AI are used.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. Programming is done in such a manner; that they can take a decision on ascertain patterns and insights from data. The learning could be supervised or unsupervised. This technology is widely used in many industries, also creating jobs for skilled professionals. By 2022 the worth of this technology is expected to be 8.81billion$. The end use of machine learning is demonstrated in web search results, real-time ad and network interference detection.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) plunges the user into the virtual environment, while Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the quality of that digital environment. Though it is mainly used in the gaming industry but have military implications also. It is used in a virtual ship a stimulation program for training US navy, army and coast guards. Both this technology are extensively used in entertainment, marketing, education and in a rehabilitation program after surgery.


Most popular concept about this technology is it is related to a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but it offers security in many other ways. In the simplest term, this technology only allows adding data not to alter it or modify it. The chain refers to a chain of data. You cannot change or alter the previous one, which makes it unique and secure. With Blockchain, you need no third party to validate the transaction. Several industries are implementing Blockchain, so the demand for skilled professionals are also increasing.


Cybersecurity may not be an emerging technology but evolving and developing at a very fast rate. New threats, virus and malwares are jeopardizing many important sites. The hackers, with their undaunted skill and expertise, continue to find a way in spite of the toughest security measures. As long there will be hackers, virus and malware cybersecurity will continue to be emerging technology. This also works for online games like judi deposit pulsa.

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