Athleisure: 4 Keys To Choose The Perfect Sports Bra!

Chafing, irritation, back pain or breasts fall are some of the consequences of not wearing a good quality sports bra. Here, the keys to find the perfect bra.

We put on a cute t-shirt and we put on the latest sports shoes that have gone on the market. We are ready to go jogging. But what about the bra? That detail is always overlooked! Most of us do not give importance to the use of a good sports bra, but the truth is that it is as fundamental as wearing good running shoes that make us the least possible scratches.

And it is that training without good support is not only uncomfortable but also damages the breast tissue as well as the ligaments that support the chest in general. By putting the breasts in that situation, we increase the possibility that the area will weaken resulting in sagging breasts. Don’t worry, finding the ideal sports bra is not as complicated a task as it seems if you pay attention to the following tips. Take note!

Choose your size well

Choosing the right size is the first thing you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect sports bra. Opt for one of a size similar to the bras you use regularly. The universal supports (S, M, L) provide less support because they are not adapted to the size of each chest. Before buying a sports bra, be sure to test it to see if it is the one that best suits you. Maybe a plus size sports bra or another. How? Try to jump up and down, lean forward and raise your arms. This way you can check if the bra stays in place while you move. If not, run to change it for another. Also, try to buy a sports bra that covers each breast separately, as it will help you control the movements and your chest will be better supported and protected.

Look at the material with which it is manufactured

It seems silly but it is a maxim that you cannot ignore. The fabric with which our sports bra is made is essential to save us the happy and annoying chafing in the chest and armpit areas. Try to choose one with a 100% breathable material and good quality lycra, such as the ‘Colmax’ or the ‘Double Dry’, as these regulate sweat and help prevent irritation.

No hoops, breathable and seamless

A sports bra, no matter how much chest you have, should never wear hoops. These will only cause friction and even wounds under the chest. If a bra is of quality, the rings are not necessary for fastening. Also, forget about the seams as you will only get your skin rubbed when you exercise.

High, medium or low impact

Are you one of those who practice intense sports like cycling or crossfit or do you prefer something quieter, like pilates or yoga? Attentive to this detail that usually escapes but that should be very, very much in mind. The key to choosing the ideal sports bra is in the intensity that you carry out during the exercise.

We hope these tips can help!

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