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Adding to your home’s kerb appeal is a really important step when you are looking to sell your property. There are a huge amount of ways in which you can do this, giving an incredible first impression to buyers and passers-by. We have put together a small list of ways you can add kerb appeal to your home today, to ensure you are prepared for viewings.

The Front Door

Your front door is the main entrance way into your home and will make a statement about your overall property. Having an aesthetically pleasing, well maintained and welcoming front door will encourage viewers to want to see more of your home. It is said that a viewer knows whether they want to buy your home within the first eight seconds of arriving!

Enhancing your front door has never been easier. A quick coat of paint and a refinish can rapidly rejuvenate weather-beaten wood. We would also recommend using metal polish on the door fixtures to make any old ones look sparkling new. You can even add a colour to your door too to add some character to your home.

Composite doors are a popular choice of door amongst homeowners due to their strength and competitive price.

A Well Kept Exterior

Especially in the UK properties have a number of different exteriors including wooden cladding, brickwork, stone and much more. Ensuring that these materials are in tip top condition is the best way to keep the exterior of your home looking good.

Like with your front door, adding a lick of paint can make the world different to your home’s exterior. If you believe the exterior of your home is looking a bit dull, adding some colour can bring your home to life as well as make it stand out from the crowd. If you would rather not paint your home simply jet washing any stones or bricks can help keep your home in pristine condition.

The Pathway

You have now painted your front door but what about the pathway leading to your front door, this is just as important to keep well maintained. It is such a cheap maintenance task but will make such a huge difference to your home’s kerb appeal. Use the jet washer after cleaning the exterior of your home and use it to remove any dirt and stains. You may also want to pull out any weeds between the paving slabs as this will also help to enhance the overall look.

You should also try and ensure that your path is flat, especially if the people coming to view your home need a pushchair, wheelchair or have small children who could trip easily. This could turn into quite a big job but it is imperative to keep everyone safe.

Your Garden

As well as your path you need to ensure that your garden is well maintained as a well maintained exterior is just as important as the interior. All you have to do is trim your garden, maybe add some flowers or if you want to go all out you could even get a landscape artist over to create an artwork in your garden that a buyer wouldn’t be able to resist. The beauty of it is that the choice is completely yours.

We would suggest doing the simple chores of getting rid of unwanted weeds, mowing the lawns and adding a few garden accessories to make it look homely and inviting. In a recent study, it showed that having a well-maintained garden can add up to 20% value on our home, so it may well be worth the effort in the long run.

Another quick tip would be to hide any outdoor bins as this could have the opposite effect.

Light it Up

Finally on darker evenings having porch and outdoor lighting is essential and is such a gorgeous feature to have in any home. Best of all there is a huge range of options out there to suit your style of home. You can even opt for a solar powered option as they are easy to install and run.

These are just a few of the main ways in which you can add kerb appeal to your home. We would always recommend keeping your changes simple as most of the time when people are buying a home they like to envision it how they want it to look and might end up changing bits anyway. Keep it tidy, well maintained and welcome and you cannot go wrong.

If you find yourself searching the internet for composite doors Walsall you have come to the right place! Chase Garage Doors can help improve your home’s kerb appeal and give your home the wow factor it deserves along with added security too.

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