PHOTO: Alanna Maki | INSC Media & Photography

CLEVELAND, OH — There are so many secrets to the city of Cleveland. Whether it be a small family-owned restaurant, or a scenic hike in one of the metro parks, Cleveland is host to numerous attractions.

PHOTO: Alanna Maki | INSC Media & Photography

One of those popular attractions is our local music scene. Talent flows through the city and pops up in local bars or music clubs. I recently went to The House of Blues the second weekend it hosted a live music event since the pandemic.

House of Blues is synonymous with talented musicians, both world famous and local.

PHOTO: Alanna Maki | INSC Media & Photography

This past weekend, Lakewood area singer/songwriter Sean Benjamin performed a selection of original songs and covers. My two favorites were his own song “Skydive” and his cover of Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc”. The most popular song of the night was his cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” which has started off with “Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers and effortlessly slid into “No Diggity”.

The crowd absolutely loved it!

Most people usually go to see whoever is headlining the main stage but forget about the talent they bring into the smaller stage in the bar/restaurant. It’s something I would highly recommend whether you are just visiting the city or if you live here.

PHOTO: Alanna Maki | INSC Media & Photography

Along with the live music, the walls at House of Blues are covered in art. From paintings and murals to collages. Even the ceiling has impressions of classic blues artists.

The music isn’t the only attraction at the House of Blues. They also have a wonderful selection of southern style foods and delicious twists on popular cocktails. I had the Rock Me Hurricane, which was delicious and certainly not skimpy on the alcohols. For dinner, I chose to order an appetizer of the voodoo shrimp.

It had the perfect amount of spice for interest, but not so much that it was the main dish feature. I don’t generally think of cornbread as something I would order, but the slightly sweet cornbread with the slightly spicy sauce and shrimp was the perfect combinations. But don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.


House of Blues is in downtown Cleveland. 


You can find Sean Benjamin Music on all popular music services and social media sites.



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