Rooted in Europe, bohemian style or the boho style is increasingly becoming popular. Earlier it used to be associated with artists, writers, intellectuals, and people who love to live nomadic-style of life. However, in the past few years, the boho style has found its place in the mainstream fashion industry with people from all walks of life incorporating it in their vogue.

A boho style of attire is easy to create. You can look for affordable bohemian clothing collection and team that up with boho accessories and jewelry. Boho jewelry is unique and is often seen in earthy styles and patterns. These are known to create a liberating and rule-breaking look and add oomph and charisma to your look. These pieces are most loved as it is hard to not look and admire them.

● Background of boho jewelry

The bohemian style stems from an alternative style from France that cherished a special position during the time of the french revolution. It was considered to be the style of bold people who liked to live there on their own terms. During this period the system of artistic patronage had fallen and they were forced to live a deprived life. They started living a life that was nomadic and least expensive. This new style of living became a promising style in Europe for the people who like to freely create and explore their art form. The style developed over the years and has seen plenty of ups and downs before it could cement its place in the present-day fashion in recent years.

● Popular boho jewelry pieces

Bohemian jewelry is known to have minimum constraints in terms of their designs, patterns, and the way you style or team them with your outfits and other accessories. These are available in almost all forms with the following being most popular.

● Rings

Unlike conventional rings, boho rings are made with stones that are more readily available and are less precious. Gemstones that are not cut into proper shapes and are unpolished are more likely to find a place in boho rings. The rawness of the rings makes them special and unique.

● Bracelets

Boho bracelets can be created in a wide range. You can either wear an oversized statement bracelet or stack several bracelets on your wrist. The idea is to get a fuller and colorful jewelry for your wrist. Handwoven bracelets are most admired in the boho style.

● Neckpieces

Similar to bracelets, boho necklaces can also be created in a huge variety of designs and patterns. You will mostly find them handwoven with leather, semi-precious stones, beads, etc as common elements. Almost anything can be made a pendant for a boho necklace.

● Earrings

Boho earrings are large and colorful. These are mostly handmade and have plenty of use of strings, feathers, and threads. They are often styled hanging with the simplest and earthy material.

● Characterizing boho style jewelry

Although the boho style is known for its rule-breaking nature, certain elements are always found in these jewelry pieces and characterize them. Boho jewelry pieces are unapologetically large and bold. They are created with a bright pop of color and often have earthy elements and rawness. They are versatile pieces that suit everyone and can be adorned with all kinds of outfits.

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