Wearing clothing or using accessories keeping in mind the flag of the United States of America is an old tradition. People wear various kinds of clothes and accessories that are marked with white stars on blue background or red and white stripes.  Keeping the colorful stars, red and white stripes became common and people are now looking for something different and here comes why black and white American flag clothing gaining its popularity. There are many underlining reasons too, I believe.

A few months back, there was some strong movement in the history of America? Can you remember the slogan of that movement? Yes, it was “Black Lives Matter”. Yes, of course, it is.

From that time, the popularity of black and white American flag design-based clothing and accessories started to become popular. The underlining reason, I guess would be, to symbolize the United States of America for both Black and white people and to keep them under one flag where everyone has rights. Moreover, it also symbolizes that America should be liberal in ensuring civil rights for both of the group.

So let’s take a dive into which products are gaining popularity marked with the black and white-colored striped or starred flag of America.

Face Masks

The popularity of masked has seen a sharp rise after Covid-19 hit the United States of America very badly. But fashion knows no bounds. As the use of masks became mandatory and necessary people tend to show their fashionista using masks. Different types of fashionable masks made of different types of clothes became popular, especially among the younger generation.

The most popular one is the American flag printed on the mask. It could be either black and white or colored but it is still popular.

Please keep in mind, these masks provide basic protection, not 100% protection from the Covid-19 virus.

Black American Flag Phone Case

iPhone 12 released a few months back and a black and white American flag phone case became a popular item for this iPhone. The reason for its popularity is obviously it goes with the hype and moreover, this iPhone case is also durable and gives good protection from several damage factors for iPhone.

This phone case is also available for Samsung phones. You will find it for all popular smartphone models of Samsung.

Should you follow the trend?

It depends on you. If you think that, black lives matter and you need to support them to uphold the unity of the United States of America, you can use black and white American flag clothes or other accessories.

Monochrome is the new color of 2021 and following the trend of viral things shows that you are updated to the latest things. So, picking up a black and white or a colored American flag would be your idea to diversify your closet.

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