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Office thefts happen to be a quite common these days. Almost every single day, we come across countless cases of identity thefts, stolen cash and data. All offices, irrespective of size and scope, must have come across cases of petty thefts. According to experts, workplace theft is slowly turning into quite a huge problem.

What can be stolen?

On most occasions, money and credit cards get stolen. There are employees committing serious identity thefts. And then, there are employees who steal the company’s confidential data. Credit and debit cards are stolen frequently because people generally leave their wallets on the table or in an open drawer. The moment a thief smells an opportunity, he/she grabs it with both the hands.

Who’s the thief?

Well, anybody could be. An office thief does not have a specific profile. There is a possibility that a member of the cleaning shift might steal smartphone while no one’s watching. Financial hardships make people do weird things. Economic hardships and drug-addiction are believed to be the two major reasons behind the rising cases of theft.

In most cases, people who find to keep their body and soul together resort to theft more often than not. Liquor addiction and gambling are also most likely to steal in order to make the ends meet.

Tips to avoid theft

  • Keep your wallet, smartphone, cheques, etc. in lockers and closets. Also, never leave them lying on the table.
  • Keep a check on who is visiting the office. Hire security and get the surveillance cameras installed.
  • The security in place. Have well-trained guards.
  • It is always good to be slightly discreet. Not all the information is required to be shared.
  • If you are working till late at night, let someone know where you are and for how long do you intend to stay.
  • Don’t ignore broken doors and windows. Inform your manager and get them fixed immediately.
  • Get the background checks done. This will help you in your bid to hire the right people. If you run a high-risk businesses, conducting background checks would allow you to identify honest people who won’t steal from the workplaces. Thieves generally stay away from businesses conducting comprehensive security checks because of the fear of getting caught.
  • Let them know what will happen if they steal. At times, scaring people and letting them know the consequences of stealing office property can help you in your bid to scare people. There are organizations wherein employees are ousted without notice if they are caught stealing office property.

Management needs to take the front seat

  • Secure all the windows in and around the premises.
  • Make sure all the security cameras are working.
  • If you run a business wherein you handle confidential information, make sure that all your information is password protected. Have a multi-layered setup if need be.
  • Also, if it is a financial organization, lock the safe and locker using fingerprint sensors. Verify all the electronic access controls
  • Make sure restrooms are locked with high-security locks, and that only employees have keys.
  • In case of an emergency, make sure that the staff is prepared to act quickly. Conduct mock drills regularly if need be.

A secure work environment is the best

Employees would love to work in an environment that’s secure and leaves no loose ends. To ensure the same, a company needs to have a predefined security plan in place. Have well-trained security guards at your disposal. Keep a contingency plan in place. It will help you act quickly in case a robbery or something similar occurs.

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