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Beauty: Summer Fashion Tips For Memorial Day Weekend

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The Memorial DayThe last Monday of the month of May marks the Memorial Day and an unofficial start of summer.

Prepare yourself to properly welcome the new season and honor the people who died serving the country.

Get your good attitude in check and have fun with fashion and beauty that will provide you with some great summer looks all up to the Labor Day.

Protect the skin

Beauty means healthy looking skin. When the Memorial Day comes you will probably going to spend a lot of time under the sun with your skin revealed. Therefore get your hands on some good SPF lotion for both your body and face – you do not want some nasty burns to spoil the beginning of summer for you.

Also, you might want to consider getting a fake tan, even if only slightly, and celebrate the Memorial Day like a true summer child.

Prep the skin

A lot of people like to add some national painted symbols on their face, but even those who will be satisfied with regular makeup have to make sure that the canvas for makeup is completely clean. The sun is very unforgiving when it comes to dry skin or clogged pores. So give priority to moisturizing and exfoliation in your beauty routine.

Renew the makeup

For some people, Memorial Day does not only mark the beginning of summer but the true start of the new year. Therefore this might be the perfect opportunity to clean your makeup supplies and clear out anything that might have gone bad.

Change up the order on your vanity and display your summer makeup essentials that you know you are going to be reaching for more when the heat comes knocking. There are also many sales regarding Memorial Day at the stores so why not use this occasion to get yourself that new perfect shade of red lipstick/lip gloss that you wanted.

The Memorial Day

Organize the wardrobe

Getting out your spring clothes after winter months is probably easier than completely organizing the wardrobe for summer. Therefore, do not put up this task for later. This way you will be able to prepare your summer outfits in time and see whether there is anything immediately necessary to buy for the coming season.

What’s more, your fashion style might have undergone some changes since the last summer so this is a great time to plan out your new summer looks.

Stay comfortable

The main aspect of summer clothing is the need to feel comfortable at all times since the hot weather is uncomfortable enough. This is especially true for the Memorial Day when you will be spending your whole day outside with family and friends. Moreover, casual style is very trendy at the moment.

For example, patterned or white denim shorts are very fashionable as well as comfy especially when combined with an interesting tank top. Also, jumpsuits and flowy dresses look really nice and simply scream summer! But forget about high heels and wedges on Memorial Day – stick to sneakers and flat sandals so that you will be ready for some summer fun without worries!

The Memorial DayGet your patriot out

Memorial Day is a perfect occasion to show your patriotic spirit. Patterns depicting American flag can be found on anything these days, from clothes to accessories.

So do not wait any longer to rock your latest swimwear piece and match it with a shorts in americana pattern while you enjoy yourself on a beach party.

Also, keep your sunglasses at hand because you will definitely need those. While Memorial Day is an important moment in American holiday traditions it is also a time to have fun and welcome the summer accordingly.

People usually say that the beginning of morning marks the rest of the day and the similar connection can be applied to the Memorial Day and the rest of the summer, so do your best this 30th of May!

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