They say that there is great pain towards attaining great beauty. If you are a woman, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whether it is finding that perfect nail and toe gloss design, picking those loose eyebrows or trying to choose that on-fleek set of platform pumps, there is nothing more time-consuming and nerve-racking than applying fake eyelash extensions.

If you are a woman and looking for eyelash extension glue comparison, look no further than the website, to get some tips, tricks and suggestions.

Obviously, as a married man, I’ve seen my lovely wife of seven-plus year take an enormous amount of time, fussing, complaining, asking for my opinion on a wide range of choices of feminine accessories that’d make Carrie Bradshaw proud.

That being said, whether you’re an Instamodel or regular Plain Jane, there is nothing more tenuous and demanding that applying glue for those eyelashes.

There I something about the sexiness and allure of a woman’’ with thick eyelashes. As if like a marker beckoning prospective men to have fuck them, nothing says come hither to a man more than when a women bats her eyelashes at them.

Like a matador yelling “Toro, toro” to a charging bull and wearing red, a sexy woman with the perfect set of eyelashes is akin to a moth being drawn to a flame.

Which is why finding the perfect eyelash extension glue is vital.

One would never think or consider it, but if you are a woman, this is one of your beauty must-haves.

With actresses and singers such as Katy Petty, Taylor Swift, Nicki Manaj already known to use eyelash extensions, finding the right glue is key and pivotal to completing that look.

With spring now here and summer right around the corner, you want to stand out amongst the crowd this season.

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