Washington Wizards

Wall Scores Career Best 32, As Washington Wizards Top Atlanta Hawks

John Wall scored a career-high 32 points and Markeiff Morris netted 21 points as they rolled over the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 of their series. Wall managed to score 15 points in the third quarter while finishing with 14 assists, which marked the best playoff performance of his career. After 448 regular-season games, Morris finally made it to the postseason with the Washington Wizards, catching fire in the second half.

We can’t forget about Bradley Beal, who came away with 22 points for Washington, compared to Atlanta’s Paul Millsap’s 19 and Dennis Schroder’s 25. Dwight Howard also had seven points and an aggressive 14 rebounds. However, they failed to contain the monstrous Morris, Beal, and Wall.

When the Hawks started to pull away in the second quarter, Morris drew a 3-point foul and then proceeded to score eight consecutive points to put them back in the game. Soon after they received their first lead of the game, which eventually led them to victory.

The crowd was also amped, chanting M-V-P at Wall during multiple occasions. In regards to becoming an MVP, Wall responded with, “I won’t be finishing first. I’ve still got some climbing to do.”

And climbing is exactly what he and the Washington organization is doing, as they steal away game one giving them some serious momentum from the start.

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