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Behind-the-Scenes with Teen Mom’s Birth Encapsulation Journey with Callie Landis of Lancaster Placenta Co.!

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Celebrity Teen Mom Kail Lowry has just released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of her placenta encapsulation with Callie Landis, Founder of Lancaster Placenta Co., an expert in placenta encapsulation+training and herbal remedies here. Helping Lowry thrive post-baby after pregnancy, Callie’s products offer a natural, safe, and affordable way to combat very common postpartum issues including; baby blues, postpartum depression+anxiety, anemia, excess baby weight, low milk supply, lack of milk, lack of energy, fatigue, night sweats, hair loss, mental fog, out of balance hormones, and slow bonding with babies. The launch of Callie’s new herbal tinctures, placenta balm and smoothie also assisted Kail with energy, mood, and milk supply in transition with her new bundle of joy.

The video showcases the placenta encapsulation process from start to finish, including squeezing blood out to cutting up the placenta, to drying it for 24 hours and inserting into flavored capsules for a natural, safe solution to getting back on her feet faster and nourishing her depleted postpartum body, not having to turn to drugs with harsh and unsafe side effects.

As a placenta encapsulation trainer and business coach (she has four certifications!), Callie’s turnaround time is faster and models healthcare standards strictly following USDA safety and sanitation protocols. She can speak or write on the following hot topics:

-Why placenta pills are the best self-care investment you can make in your postpartum recovery after having a baby

-How placenta pills offer a natural approach to the postpartum period, without harsh side effects or questionable safety for mothers and babies

-Holistic options to aid and nourish the body and bounce back faster post-birth

-The launch of her new herbal tinctures including: “Mom Fuel”- a pick me up for increased energy levels, “Liquid Gold”- increasing the quality and supply of breast milk, and “Level Headed”- to help with mild to moderate mood dysregulation

Regarding her recent experience with Kail, Callie says, “Working with Kail was a blast! I’m so glad that she asked me to record the process for all of her fans to see! I’m hoping to have the opportunity to film more videos in the future with celebrity moms-to-be!”

Callie’s encapsulation package costs $279, which offers incredible value to new moms with items included in the package such as a placenta print and cord keepsake.





TikTok: @LancasterPlacentaCo.com

More about Callie Landis

Prior to finding her passion for the birth industry, Callie worked in finance, sales, and marketing. Her enthusiasm for connecting and encouraging others helped shape her concept of a placenta encapsulation service that would empower new moms and make them feel capable and encouraged in their new role postpartum. While pregnant with her first child, Callie pored over the many decisions that women and their partners are faced with. She added encapsulation to the list of products, supplements, and birth techniques to educate herself on, but found it difficult and time consuming to sort through the information she found online. She opted not to have her placenta encapsulated after the birth of her first baby. When she became pregnant with her second baby, the experience for her was a night and day difference in her postpartum recovery. This experience eventually led Callie to create the concept for Lancaster Placenta Co. She envisioned a company that provided women with safe, professional and trusted services for their placenta along with the education and customer service they deserved at an affordable price. Shortly after receiving her training and certifications, Lancaster Placenta Co. has quickly become the most trusted name in placenta services in southeast Pennsylvania. Since its birth in 2017, Lancaster Placenta Co. has serviced over 600 placentas and greatly expanded to serve women nationwide with more products and options. Callie’s dedication to providing postpartum women with the safest and most professional placenta services has and always be a core part of her mission in serving women.


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