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Blog: Is America The Land of the Free? Yeah, Right!

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The United States prides itself on a lot of things, including being the greatest country in the world. It was a country founded on freedoms that we take serious to the very core.

So serious as a matter of fact, men and women are ready, willing and able to die to protect said freedoms. So imagine my surprise to find out it was all a lie.

A lie that makes Manti Teo’s girlfriend look plausible.

How can a country that prides itself on such freedoms have a Federal Gestapo come to someone’s house just because of their belief system? If I write something that goes against the norm, or that isn’t “Christian Belief”, should I expect a knock on my door as if this was 1933 Germany?

You laugh and think what a ridiculous sentiment, but it isn’t so far-fetched. As a matter of fact, it has already happened to someone I consider not only a very talented writer and a peer, but a friend too.

He happens to be Islamic, and as such has a different set of beliefs. That’s not to say his point of view is wrong, but different. Just because I don’t believe the same things he does, means nothing.

In this country we are supposed to be free to believe whatever we want to believe. Hell, our Constitution guarantees it. The founding fathers thought such freedom was so important; it was in the FIRST AMMENDMENT.

So why, just because my friend has a different belief system that he chooses to write about, should he be visited by the FBI? Why was he singled out by a Federal police force (for all intents and purposes)?

Look, I understand that in the world right now, Islamic Extremists are the “villain”. I also know that their perverse version of the religion is NOT what the religion is all about. It would be like saying that all Christians are bad because the Branch Dividians took basic Christian principles. But it is not the religion that is to blame, it was the corrupt leader David Koresh, who twisted the meaning to fit his wants and needs.

So do not blame all Muslims for the behavior of a few that have twisted the very core of the belief system to fit their needs. My friend is not a member of ISIS, nor is he plotting to take down the American Government. He is an intelligent, well read, kind human being who happens to believe in something that is not part of the normal Christian belief system.

The fact that he is being persecuted for it makes me sick to my stomach. Part of the very reason this country was formed was to escape such bullshit. To see him basically attacked by the FBI because he wants to let people know how his religion works, and why he believes what he believes, is disgusting. If that is the way this country works now, it is no wonder we are not the “Great Democratic Hope” we like to portray ourselves to be.

I firmly believe that not only is my friend owed an apology; something needs to be done so this kind of thing never happens again. People should be free to believe whatever they want to believe in, and know they are protected by our Constitution. I don’t care if he believes a head of lettuce is his supreme being, it doesn’t change who he is, and what great things he can contribute to our society. I think it is a lesson we all need to learn.

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