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Blog: Why Does Tom Brady Get A Pass While LeBron James Doesn’t? Is There A Media Double Standard?

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(January 18, 2014 - Source: Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)
(January 18, 2014 – Source: Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)

For all of his past triumphs, Tom Brady seems to get a pass in the media, while Lebron James is maligned for his recent failures. Is there a double standard?

When looking at future Hall-of-Fame talents in their respective sports, Brady has helped guide the New England Patriots to heights the organization has never seen, while James won two championships with the Miami Heat, and is now trying to guide his original NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to their first.

It remains an unknown about why Brady gets all the glory in the media while James gets blasted at least half the time.

Brady has gone about 10 years without winning a Super Bowl. Brady’s last Super Bowl win came in 2004 against the Philadelphia Eagles. Yet, it seems year in and year out, Brady gets proclaimed the best quarterback in the NFL, despite his recent struggles in the playoffs against teams such as the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants.

James on the other hand, has won a championship in two out of the last three seasons, yet receives harsh criticism by many in the social media world whether it is passing up a shot at a crucial time, giving the ball to Heat power forward Chris Bosh or dealing with a cramp which is out of his control.

When comparing the two stars, it is really unfair and seems to be a double standard for people to call out James for some of his failures in the playoffs, yet act like Brady can do no wrong.

It needs to be said again. Brady has gone 10-plus years without winning a championship. Can NBA Fans or media imagine James going 10 years without winning a championship and still being called the best player in his sport?

James has been criticized for the “Decision” to this day, Brady gets caught in “Spygate” in 2007 and people ignore it for the most part. Brady leads his Patriots to a 16-0 record during the regular season before facing off against the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. What was interesting about that was before that game, Brady made an arrogant statement in response to former Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress predicting the Giants winning  23-17.

“We’re only going to score 17 points?” Brady noted via The New York Daily News “OK. Is Plax playing defense?” The Patriots ended up scoring 14 points in that game and lost to the Giants finishing the season 18-1.

While Brady has gotten criticism for that moment in the past, it is quickly ignored which is a little mind-boggling considering people never fail to mention James saying: “Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” in terms of championships back in 2010 when James signed with the Heat.

The Patriots quarterback is  known for complaining about getting hit by any defensive player, yet people don’t take it to the extreme the way others have shown with James allegedly flopping or complaining about fouls.

Can anyone imagine James going through a situation like Spygate and people acting like it never happened? Can anyone imagine James calling for a foul and not be called out, like Brady has gotten away with most of the time?

Nobody can.

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1 thought on “Blog: Why Does Tom Brady Get A Pass While LeBron James Doesn’t? Is There A Media Double Standard?

  1. I don’t know if Brady gets a pass or not. Many fans don’t give him a break for the ridiculous call in which he clearly fumbled against the Raiders to getting beat twice by an inferior New York Giants team that had Eli Manning leading the way, that same Eli who has consistently turned the ball and has been hot and cold in the playoff as any other quarterback in NFL history.

    Brady also plays a sport in which the season is much shorter, so it seems that James is consistently making headlines, while Brady can sneak out of the limelight once the NFL season ends.

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