While most women wish to have a tight and perky chest, breastfeeding significantly contributes to breasts sagging. Fortunately, you can contact your healthcare provider for procedures like breast augmentation to help boost your breasts’ appearance. Knowing your cosmetic goals before you go for East Windsor breast implants is vital. For instance, factors including texture, shape, and profile affect your choice of implants. Besides the implant’s size, other factors including your incision’s location, play a significant role during the process.

What should you know about breast augmentation?

· Augmentation is not best for sagging breasts

Adding volume can help exacerbate the sagging of your breasts. Though an augmentation procedure is likely to give you a perky set of breasts, your healthcare provider might instead recommend a breast lift or mastopexy to help minimize the sagging. A breast lift entails removing and tightening excess breast tissues, repositioning your areolas and nipples to a suitable position.

· You might need to change the implants in the future

Though implants are safe and might serve you for long, you cannot have the devices your whole life. Your cosmetic surgeon might suggest you change your implants after approximately ten years. During the duration, the medical expert might recommend annual appointments and regular self-checks. However, you might need to contact your surgeon for an MRI scan approximately three years after the treatment and every two years after the first scan if you have silicone implants. Additionally, you may need a breast lift alongside implant replacements years later when you outlive your implants.

· Your recovery might be uncomfortable

Your downtime after a breast augmentation is minimal compared to other procedures like a facelift. However, your breasts might feel painful, tender, tight, swollen, hot, heavy, or even itchy at varying times during your recovery. The good news is the discomfort will last a few days after the procedure. Factors likely to influence your healing process include:

  • Incision placement
  • Your natural healing process
  • Implant’s size
  • Implant placement

·Your final results might take time

While your post-op side effects might only last a few weeks, it might take you approximately six months before your devices settle. Your implants might fail to appear normal the first few months after the procedure. You might find your breasts sitting higher than you thought on your chest, tighter and solid, especially on the edges. Over time as you gradually adjust to the procedure, you may feel the implants will soften and drop in your breast tissue’s right pocket, giving you a seamless look and a comfortable feel.

· Choosing the right professional is key

Before you go for an augmentation, ensure you choose a plastic surgeon with experience and positive reviews. Every part of your treatment will be comfortable when someone you trust is handling the procedure. Besides the typical qualifications, opt for a plastic surgeon whose bedside manners make you at ease. Before your appointment, ensure you strike a rapport with the medical expert and share your concerns about the treatment.

Discussing your cosmetic goals with your doctor is crucial before a breast augmentation treatment. Consult your plastic surgeon for inquiries.

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