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Business Startups: InSize Hopes To Fix Interbrand Sizing

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It is a problem many consumers face with everyday when it comes to shopping. Finding the right size. That perfect size that offers both a flatter shape and contour, yet enough proverbial room to be comfortable.

While shopping in the nearest Macy’s, Target, Gap or Banana Republic is easy, some consumers value the privacy of shopping for their favorite wardrobe garments from the privacy of their own home—and their favorite two companions, their trusty laptop and their debit credit card of course.

Online shopping offers the comfort of avoiding busy sales floors and judgy salespeople, in complete anonymity. For all the advantages that online shopping provides, one major drawback is how various brands cut and size their clothes. As a former retail sales vet who worked at both Banana Republic and Saks Fifth Avenue when I lived in Pittsburgh, I can speak from experience when I say that the way Gap(BR’s parent company) cuts and styles their clothes is different than the more higher-end brands in Saks such as DKNY.

Bottom line is whether you shop at Walmart or Nordstrom’s, each brand has it’s own way of how they want their clothes to fit, which presents a unique—yet a common and frustrating—problem for many online shoppers.

Enter InSize.

Founded by a trio of Boston-area high-school entrepreneurs in chief executive officer Nate Friedman, chief technology officer Zander Bobronnikov and Rohan Shah in June of 2015, InSize is a online service Apple and Android app, currently in the beta phase, that allows online shoppers to create a profile, measure and identify their body type and enter an existing perfect fit, per the official website.

Thanks to the help of chief design officer Claudia Slifka, InSize also offers the ability to select brands, clothing types. After a user selects their choices, InSize does the rest in curating a list of clothing that fits a user’s body and preference.

In a recent conversation with Shah, Insize’s chief financial officer via Facebook, he stated that InSize could help eliminate the issues of interbrand sizing, “InSize is the unique solution to the age old problem that has plagued online shopping: interbrand sizing inconsistency. Due to this sizing variance, online shoppers often order misfit clothing due to their understandable assumption that size is consistent across all brands.

InSize enables the online shopper to have the perfect fit in top brands through measurements of their body attained by traditional measuring or their current perfect firing clothing. InSize not only alleviates a pain point for current online shoppers, but also entices retail shoppers to give online shopping a try.”

Based on Shah’s comments, if InSize is able to do what it claims to do, then shoppers everywhere will be able to rejoice and no longer have to worry about sizes anytime soon.

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