One of the often undervalued yet highly crucial sales functions is analysing a business’ sales data. By continually monitoring your sales performance in terms of your current achievements versus your goals that have yet to be realized, you can keep your business stay on the right financial track. This helps you avoid getting side-tracked by goals that were not contributing to your overall progress in the first place and figure out which areas you are still lacking in.

If you aren’t measuring your sales performance yet, this is the sign that you should do so, and pronto. Not doing so means that you are certainly missing the opportunity to identify where your strengths lie in terms of your products, which sales activities require more support, and which ones are giving you the best chances for future profitable growth.

But before you do so, it’s imperative that you understand just what a sales performance analysis is and what it entails. It is a method of determining where your business currently stands compared to where it wants to be using industry business standards, performance, and other elements for comparison. The data gathered from these then show the gap between your current standing and your intended future, plus what factors are causing these gaps to happen.

To learn more about sales performance analyses, why you should have them, and how you can conduct them, check out this infographic by Kona AU.

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