Exploring different working environments through being open to traveling is becoming an interesting option for the Millennials today. And as for being remotely working, this means that you have a choice to achieve a dynamic work-life experience. And by traveling through different cities, you may learn their language, adapt to their culture, taste different cuisines, and appreciate the different wonders through these places.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand – Considering that this is located in the northern part of Thailand which is mostly mountainous, being remotely working here means you will have the experience of a traveler’s dream.
  • Bali, Indonesia – Such relaxing scenery like the ocean makes a more attached connection to your job, and with its laid-back lifestyle, Bali is the right city for you.
  • Seoul, South Korea – Using the internet as your means of communication, Seoul’s fast internet connection can be the perfect destination for you.
  • Lisbon, Portugal – Being practical also with your cost of living means a potential place for you. And with Lisbon’ surprising low cost of living, this could be one of your top choices.
  • Budapest, Hungary – Being exposed to a country’s culture means engaging with the places one at a time. And with Budapest nearly located in some countries in Europe, you are now one reach away from these cities.
  • Medellin, Colombia – Adapting to the climate of your workplace is considered a bonus for your experience, Medellin has the temperature for your stable and average remote working.
  • Playa Del Carmen, Mexico – Being involved with the different activities and source of entertainment on your work means a more versatile environment, with Playa Del Carmen’s alive climate and picturesque charm, this is a wonderful choice for you.
  • Denver, Colorado – For you to consider the top choice in having a remote working environment, Denver has its own booming industry for you to consider. With its telecommunication and potential for networking, this can be the city for you.

If you are planning to engage yourself to work remotely in 2018, here are some suggested cities for you! Learn more about the Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018 on the infographic below.




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