By Michael Lundberg

Mistakes are something that most of us have made no matter what business we have been dealing with.

Today marketers have come across with a list of email marketing techniques that you should avoid in order to have a clear free email marketing experience. Though this might seem to be a novice area for error, even the most experienced marketers slip up even now and then.

Below are the five major email marketing mistakes you need to avoid as these could cost you in terms of reputation, email marketing service providers, potential clients and good email delivery.

Inadequate permissions: In order to have email permission, the recipient must here have specifically agreed to receive periodic messages or offers. Without his or her permission you are here going to be sending an unsolicited email, which in turn is surfire way of getting caught in the spam filters.

Isps to this have gotten better in the recent years in order to detecting permissions. Many email marketing services have now been established permission through double opt in process, which would here mean that the receipts would receive an email with a confirmation link and would not receive any unless the link is confirmed.

Sending emails with Spammy content: The actual content of your emails would here include the message body, links, images and header are believed to be the major factors of spam.

And if you are not careful then these are the few things you need to avoid using special characters, bad links, misleading subject lines, sloppy html code, too much of image and not enough context, using caps whenever it’s not required.

Not sending a test email before publishing: When you finally have your product ready to send don’t, because once you have done it there is no way you could get back.

Try and have a test with several different accounts connected to your business as this would not only help in revising things again and again but also on how things are going to be received and viewed across the different email clients like outlook, Gmail and apple mail.

Poor frequency: There are two different ways you could make this mistake.

May be you all got excited and sent out email news letters in the very first month and then completely fell off. Or maybe you might here have an email automation tool from your parent company that would provide you with terrible stock email content with those who are sending those three times in a day to you.

Starting your email without any clear idea: A marketing campaign is something that should come out with a clear goal. You are here setting out to achieve something specific and if you don’t know what exactly your goal is, it would then clearly show in the newsletters and emails you are sending out.

So before you are sending out an email or even start collecting the email addresses to add to the list do make sure you have a clear goal of what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Otherwise it’s like starting a speech without being sure of what points you are trying make.

To conclude there are so many other mistakes the email marketers could make while dealing with their marketing campaign. A simple rule of thumb is that if they have a quality content that your subscribers have opted for then they would love the content and continue to stay with an avid reader of your email newsletter.

About the Author: Michael Lundberg is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz data hygiene software, specializing in email and content best practices, targeted content generation, and editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam.