When we talk about camera hacks, we are referring to the idea of ​​subverting the common use of our cameras, lenses, tripods and photographic accessories to achieve creative effects in the production of images without resorting to products marketed by the photographic industry for this purpose.

It’s more or less the logic of do it yourself, the famous “do it yourself”, in which we put our hand in the mass and create image modifiers with the everyday objects that we have at our disposal. How to smooth edges in Photoshop?

You can use a special tool, like a telescopic camera pole. But there are lots of things you can do and without any tool.

Anything you can put in front of a lens or associate with some photographic equipment to modify the way the image will be produced. In this article you’ll see a compilation of do-it-yourself tricks to creatively modify the look of your photos.

They are simple tricks, using cheap everyday elements, to create distortion effects and modifiers of color, contrast and focus, among others. Prepare the duct tape and open the mind to also create your own “camera hacks” and, of course, share your creations with us in the comments of this post.

Diffuser filter effect

This effect softens objects and creates a beautiful dream haze. Rub gel cleaning with sandpaper on a piece of clear acetate.

Macro lens with magnifying glass

Use a magnifying glass in front of your camera to magnify objects.

Cellophane Filter

Modify the appearance of your images with colored cellophane. Cut out pieces of cellophane paper of different colors to emulate colored photographic gels. Place it in front of the lens and adjust the position according to your need (imitating a graduated filter, for example, to change only the color of the sky).

Dream Focus Effect

Use Vaseline over a piece of plastic film to create a cinematographic dream effect at the edges of the image. Place a piece of plastic film on the front of the lens, securing it with a rubber band. Then spread the Vaseline at the edges, in a circular fashion, to create a soft fading effect.

Pantyhose Filter

The socks can be used as a diffuser to create a vintage look. Place the lens inside a black pantyhose, securing it with elastic. Use manual focus.

Bokeh of various formats

Bokeh is the blur produced in the out-of-focus areas of an image produced by a lens. Trace the lens onto black paper so you can cut it into the shape of the front circular part of the lens and draw a geometric shape in the center of the circle, trimming it with a precision stylus. Attach the circle of paper with a border to be able to attach it to the lens. Find a light source such as Christmas lamps, use large apertures of the diaphragm, adjust the exposure and shoot! Use your belt to create a pendulum for moving footage horizontally and vertically.

Parasols with cardboard

Use a paper cone in the diameter of your lens to create the world’s cheapest sunscreen and prevent light leaks.

Dream effect with cocoa butter

If you dare to smear your objective with cocoa butter, go ahead. Otherwise, use that protective UV filter as it will be easier to clean. Butter the butter round the edges of the filter and photograph.

And many more including red lens flare matter…

The point is you can do a lot of creative things that start with a simple idea.


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