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St. Louis Cardinals Reward Jhonny Peralta With 4-Year Deal

Jhonny Peralta
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Major League Baseball still has yet to learn from its past mistakes when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. During the week an arbitrator ruled that Bud Selig did not have to testify in the grievance hearing for Alex Rodriguez who is fighting a 211 game suspension for ped use and now is the only player who has fought the recent penalties. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun finally came clean, Nelson Cruz, Jesus MonteroEverth Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta were among the 13 players suspended.

The St. Louis Cardinals a team looking to upgrade their shortstop situation found their man in Peralta who in the past three seasons has been an all-star twice as a member of the Detroit Tigers. In 2013 he hit .303 with 124 hits, 30 doubles, 11 home runs, 55 rbi, 50 runs scored, a obp of .358 and an ops of .815.  His best season came in 2008 as a member of the Cleveland Indians when he hit .276 with 167 hits, 42 doubles, four triples, 23 home runs, 89 rbi and a ops of .804.

He’s also been solid in the postseason as his average is at .283, has 47 hits, 15 runs scored, 13 doubles, eight home runs, 24 rbi, a obp of .326 and an ops of .832.

Peralta who has been in the majors for 11 seasons doesn’t turn 32 until the end of May and the Cardinals signed the free agent to a 4-year $52 million dollar free agent contract. The move shows that peds are still not a deterrent in baseball as owners will still reward players with large contracts.

Reliever Brad Ziegler Tweeted this:


Interestingly enough Cruz a two-time all-star himself  is also a free agent. The outfielder played in 109 games for the Texas Rangers hit .266 with 110 hits, 49 runs scored, 18 doubles, 27 home runs, 76 rbi, a obp of .327 and an ops of .833. If Peralta’s contract is any indication Cruz will not likely see a dramatic pay cut.

Until owners see a deterrent in taking a risk on a player who MLB suspended for peds those free agents will continue to get their second chance and big contracts as all the owner cares about is winning at all costs.

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