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Cars: All You Need to Know About the New Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

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The new Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is something to get excited about for many reasons. The super-powered car competes with brands like Mercedes-AMG C63, Cadillac ATS-v, and BMW M3 series, therefore it cannot afford to fall behind its game.

Quadrifoglio means four-clover leaves and this symbol represents fabulous race car winnings in the history of Alfa Romeo. This brand stands out due to the innovation of its engine. Located in the front, the aluminum engine is Twin-Turbo 90 V6. Also, the world-class engine is engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

The combination of an all-aluminum turbo engine and rear wheel driving system helps in creating an optimal weight distribution. The 505 horse powered sedan has the same interior and exterior as its predecessor.

We all very well know that 2017 model is a beauty inside and out. The Alfa Romeo’s DNA Pro Drive Mode Selector provides four modes: Dynamic, Natural, Advance Efficiency, and Race. This gives the driver a smooth driving experience. The eight-speed transmission also allows the driver for smooth and precise navigation.

The New Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio’s body is made of high-quality steel while doors and fenders feature aluminum. This luxurious sedan can speed up to 62mph in less than 4 seconds. Also, the model is fitted with an aero front splitter which helps in controlling the downforce.

New Features You Can Expect in this Italian Sedan

The new Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio has quite a few new features that drivers will be ecstatic to see. This includes:

· Better Audio System: The latest model is equipped with Harmon Kardon’s premium 14 speaker audio system. The new automotive audio can be customized according to every automobile’s unique specification.

· Iconic Italian Design: With its iconic Italian Design, the Alfa Romeo is the perfect mix of superior performance and stunning design, paying heritage to its Italian origin.

· Collision Warning: Alfa Romeo has also added forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking in Quadrifoglio. An optional feature in 2017 model, this safety measure gives Alfa Romeo an edge over its competitors.

Research shows such safety precautions helps prevent serious accidents. Emergency brakes will also allow drivers to cruise around on their new ride without worrying about accidents and unexpected collisions.

· Aero Front Splitter: This Alfa Romeo model features an aero front splitter which helps in controlling the downforce. Any high-performance sports car should have an excellent link with the brakes and steering wheel, and Alfa Romeo has furnished this vehicle with the integrated, highly advanced braking system. The active suspension automatically adapts to the driving conditions, resulting in a smooth drive.

The 2018 version will now be priced $75,095. Since the previous model was already pricey at $73,595, it remains to be seen whether the new features will attract new buyers. However, the new safety features are truly a bargain when you compare it with BMW M3 and Mercedes –AMG C63.

All Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio’s competitor’s starting prices are less than $70,000, but this model has the edge over others because of its unique Italian design and beautiful interiors. So there you have it! The new Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio has great features and is likely to be a hit in the market.

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