History Of Gurkha Cigars

If you have been smoking cigars for a week or two, you are likely to have heard of Gurkha cigars. If you have not, you are in the wrong company of smokers. Gurkha is specialized in making high-end premium cigars. These cigars are for people who love luxury cigars. However, they also bring a line of cigars for everyday smokers. So, if you think that luxury cigars are too pricey for you, Gurkha still has good options to offer. Want to know how Gurkha cigars have come so far? You can also learn why you should buy Gurkha cigars online

Gurkha Cigars History 

Raised in Hong Kong and London, a man of Indian descent named Kaizad Hansotia started this cigar. He was the son of a wealthy family known for making timepieces such as luxury watches. In the year of 1989, he was in India. There he saw a man of Portuguese origin rolling and selling ‘Gurkha’ cigars. Fascinated by this art of rolling cigars, he purchased the entire inventory by paying a whopping $149. 

He knew that customers of the family timepiece business loved cigars. So, he planned to give these cigars as a gift to customers. He sent a box of Gurkha cigars to a friend who was running a duty free shop. His friend’s customers fell in love with the cigars and demanded more.

It was a great opportunity for Kaizad to make money. These were high-end cigars he could manufacture and sell. It was a wise move. And, now he is one of the well-known cigar manufacturers in the world. He needed some help to start the business. No one could be better than Charlie Torano. He rolled a Gurkha’s cigar. That was the beginning of a new brand, a brand that made to the White House in the 90s. 

What’s The Story Behind The Name? 

That Portuguese man was selling these cigars by the name of Gurkha cigars. Was there any reason behind the name? Though the company was started in the 1980s, these cigars have been long known by this name even before he established Gurkha, the brand. 

Let’s see the history behind the name. Gurkhas are super brave Nepalese fighters carrying traditional Khukhri swords. They are so brave that they have got Gurkha Regiments in the Indian Army. 


In the late 1880s, the British had occupied almost the entire world. The history and skills of these Nepalese Gurkha warriors earned the respect and admiration of colonial soldiers. 

British fought and defeated these warriors. Impressed by their bravery, as a tribute, instead of using the word cigars, they started using the word Gurkhas for their cigars. The name and stories of their bravery were spread through the British colonies. The name found its way to India and that’s why that Portuguese man was selling his cigars under the name Gurkha. 

Kaizad bought a small company and kept the name in order to pay tribute to brave Gurkha warriors and honor the history of British rule. He created the Red Witch and various other lines of Gurkha cigars. 

From The First Lines To Today 

The brand Gurkha was started in the late 1980s. Originally, Gurkha cigar was made to be a gift cigar. However, the way these cigars were enjoyed and admired, Kaizad became passionate about making premium cigars. He created Gurkha, high-end premium cigars such as the HMR. This cigar is one of the most expensive cigars in the industry. Gurkha’s specialization in cigars is just like Ferrari’s specialization in high-end automotive. So, Gurkha Cigars were fun to look at. 

However, they were too pricey for a common man. This trend of expensive cigars was not going to last long in the industry. The mid-1990s saw the cigar boom. Most of the cigar smokers were blue-collar workers earning middle-class salaries. So, Gurkha decided to offer high-quality products that a common man could afford. 

The brand was started to manufacture and sell high-end cigars only. This is the reason why the middle-class workers never received these cigars very well. To this day, the middle-class people still see Gurkha cigars in exactly the same way. These people still look at these cigars as overpriced cigars. These people still believe that Gurkha cigars are for those who love spending an exorbitant amount of money. 

However, this is not true in any sense. Gurkha brings you fairly-priced, great products. If you are a true cigar lover, introduce yourself to Gurkha Cigars. Each Gurkha cigar has to offer complexity and flavor that are surprisingly pleasant. Whether you are looking for a super-high-end premium cigar or an everyday smoke, Gurkha Cigars will not disappoint you. These cigars are not overpriced. You can check Gurkha cigars price on an online cigar store and buy Gurkha cigars online

You are going to love them. 

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