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World Affairs: The Facts About Iran’s Military Capabilities

As the conflict in Iran continues with no end in sight, many are growing concerned about the military capability that the country currently has in its arsenal. What we know about Iran’s potential capabilities is not a mystery, despite growing concerns. The main worry is the ongoing development of Iran’s missile system. While Iran’s rivals in the region are known to have the technology to carry out precision airstrikes, Iran
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Vacation 101: How to Unplug Post Holidays

Have you ever had days where your phone won’t stop ringing and the emails won’t stop pouring in? The good news is that you aren’t alone. Sometimes it can seem as though the only way to escape the non-stop communication is to switch your devices off and completely disconnect. This doesn’t have to be wishful thinking as January and February are the perfect time of the year to disconnect and
Facts You Don't Know About Illegal Immigration in The U.S.
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Facts You Don’t Know About Illegal Immigration in The U.S.

The topic of immigration is one of the raging topics in the US presently. President Trump is ready to build a wall on the southern border. At present, almost 34 million immigrants stay in the US with legal validation. Most of them live and work in the US after obtaining permanent residence according to the law. If you know How To Get A USA Green Card, then you could also become
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Savvy Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation Abroad

You’ve requested time off from work, you haven’t touched your travel savings account, and you’ve done nothing for the past three months but map out your upcoming trip. It’s time to get logistics in order, like how you’ll get there and where you’ll stay — not to mention how you’re going to afford all of this. Let’s get started:   Book Alternative AccommodationsInstead of booking a room at a hotel
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Few Things To Know About Komodo And Fall In Love With It

Did you realize that Indonesia is home to more marine assorted variety than some other territory on the planet? Comprised of in excess of 17,000 islands, the Republic of Indonesia is the ideal spot for shoreline darlings and jumpers alike. Make a plunge! There is such a great amount to see and involvement in the completely clear oceans encompassing Indonesia. I investigated Komodo National Park and got the chance to
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Business: Going International with Linguistics

If there is one goal that every business has, it is to get popular and successful enough to be able to crack the international market. When they do, what then? What does any business need to do to become successful in the international scene one they are able to reach out to other countries? That is what professional linguistic consultancy services by CSPL is able to provide for example. These
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Travel Money Group: Aussie PM Scott Morrison begins his magic school election bus tour of South East Queensland.

Five months into his role, current Australian Prime Minister (and we say current for very good reason because Aussies’ trade prime ministers like Pokemon cards) Scott Morrison will deliver a speech today pledging the creation of 1.25 million jobs over the next five years. In addition to these jobs, PM Morrison (or as his limited edition Aussie PM trading card says, ScoMo) will also promise to eradicate net debt within
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Travel Money Group: Brexit is as confusing and uncertain as ever.

The UK House of Commons will vote on a number of amendments to Prime Minister May’s defeated Brexit deal today (Wednesday morning Aussie time). Here is a quick summary of what’s on the table. Stop a no-deal by delaying BrexitAs it stands, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on March 29, 2019 regardless of whether there is a ‘divorce deal’ in place. The prospect of leaving the EU
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Travel Money Group: The US Government is back open for business, baby!

Last Friday, 25th of January, the historic 35-day partial government shutdown ended, or was momentarily put on hold, because the US government realised people needed to get paid. This shutdown was the longest in US history and saw over 800,000 federal employees forced to work without pay or get furloughed. 35 days without pay is a pretty rough stint for the best of us, let alone those who live paycheck