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Behind-the-Scenes with Teen Mom’s Birth Encapsulation Journey with Callie Landis of Lancaster Placenta Co.!

Celebrity Teen Mom Kail Lowry has just released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of her placenta encapsulation with Callie Landis, Founder of Lancaster Placenta Co., an expert in placenta encapsulation+training and herbal remedies here. Helping Lowry thrive post-baby after pregnancy, Callie's products offer a natural, safe, and affordable way to combat very common postpartum issues including; baby blues, postpartum depression+anxiety, anemia, excess baby weight, low milk supply, lack of milk, lack of energy, fatigue,
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Eight of The Arguably Best 90s Video Games of All Time

Ah, 90s video games. They hold a special place in every gamers heart, and have been the basis and inspiration for many contemporary video games. Here's a list of - arguably - the best 10 90s video games of all time. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Even if you aren't a gamer, you've likely heard of Zelda. One of the longest running adventure-action video games of the 1990s,
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Cosplay: Facts And Figures About Anime Costumes

If you ask around some people, you will notice that people of every age kids, young or old, watch anime. The fans of anime are in millions and they are increasing day by day. Most of the fans, especially the kids and the young ones, want to wear costumes of their favorite character. It is natural that when you love a TV character, you want to adopt its lifestyle. An
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INSC Magazine: An Intro to Lola Astanova – Queen of the Keys

“Fabulous !!!! Queen of the Keys !!!”  Brian May, Queen When you envision the type of artist who performs at Carnegie Hall, who do you imagine? What do they look like? What are they wearing? Now, forget everything you think you know about classical pianist and feast your dry eyes on Lola Astanova.  Breaking the stereotype is an understatement when it comes to this world-renowned female pianist. She has equipped
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Jasmin Shojai’s New Look – Entering the Beauty & Fashion World

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, most especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup and hair styling, to name a few. It is a movement of expression, all over the world. It is apart of our pop culture. A trend in where there is constant changes and fusions of styles. For many individuals and public figures, fashion has opened many creative doors. Including for
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Pat Mcafee: Why He Is Sports’ New Game Changer!

by Tyler Gillette Columbus OH- As Pat would say “No Free Ads”, but I want the world to see the content machine named Pat Mcafee. I became hooked when I decided to listen to every episode of his podcast starting last year and now I am an avid fan. If you do not know who Pat Mcafee is look him up now. He has been all over the internet recently.
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Clairvoyance: Tips on Finding Your Spirit Guide

You may have been researching spirit guides if you have undergone a supernatural experience and you can’t seem to find an explanation. You’re not alone as there are so many people that have experienced the phenomenon.  In this post, we’re going to discuss how to find your spirit guide for better awareness so that you’re at peace with your inner self. You might be wondering, what does clairvoyance mean? Here
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Top Five Ways To Host A Karaoke Party!

One of the most important thing which you want while hosting a karaoke party is “renting a Karaoke machine.” You can also do that is stand around, have a drink in hand, and do some talk. But some people are die hard fans of singing so you can’t stop them towards music and mic. So, if you are thinking to host a Karaoke party, then there are some Best five
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The Changing Face of Pop Music

Music, especially pop music, tends to be seen as a perfect reflection of mainstream culture. It’s also known for flaunting the more rebellious side of our world as we shift to new social paradigms. A quick look at pop trends tells you volumes about our culture and how it grows. What was scandalous or unusual in the 80s is now commonplace, or even campy. As our society continues to shift,
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Tawdry Take Over? Piper Perri Videos Are Just the Beginning

Meet the new princess of porn, who isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to career goals. With delicate, elf-like features and soft blonde curls, the diminutive 24-year-old has a pervasive air of innocence that makes her seem more like 16. Combined with a bubbly personality and easy soft smile, Piper Perri at first glance seems like exactly what you’d expect of any wholesome American, girl next door type. Piper