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What Do You Get From a Fantasy Football Draft Kit?

Fantasy football has gone from part-time pastime to serious business. Whether you are in a league that pays winners or you just need to show Uncle Phil that you know more about football than he does, a fantasy football draft kit could be what makes all the difference. Here are some ways a draft kit can help you. You’ll learn about sleepers and breakouts For those of us on the
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Fantasy Football: Three underdrafted wide receivers to target

Friday, we explored the over drafted fantasy football wide receivers, and today we take a look at the inverse of that. These wideouts are primed to be three of the breakout receivers that will lead your team to fantasy glory at years’ end. Marvin Jones (WR36, 93rd overall) This one is a cop out since yesterday I outlined all the reasons why Golden Tate is over drafted. For those same
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Fantasy Football: Three over drafted quarterbacks to avoid

Fantasy Football draft season is here, and the most intense weeks of drafting will happen over the next two weeks. As you enter your draft, you’ll need to avoid ticking time bombs or overdrafts, and go for the sleeper, under drafted players. Examining average draft position is important in determining when a player should be drafted. A sixth round sleeper is a third round overreach, so make sure you’re getting
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San Diego Chargers: Fantasy Football 2016 Preview

Today we finish our look at the AFC West from a fantasy football perspective as we turn our attention to the team that almost joined the Rams in Los Angeles: The San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have a couple of young fantasy football options for you and a couple of completely undervalued veterans. Overall, there is a good amount of players who will be fantasy relevant in 2016. Let's take a
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Cincinnati Bengals: 5 fantasy football tidbits to know

In this segment of the Inscriber Magazine Fantasy Football series, we take a look inside the Cincinnati Bengals, and how they can help your fantasy football team this season. The Bengals are a long-running joke without a punch line in the NFL. Regular season heathens, but can't quite get over the playoff hump to secure a win. Unless you're in a playoff league, don't let that stop you from drafting