The Houston Texans have officially released defensive end J.J. Watt per his request.

When healthy Watt was one of the best defensive players in the National Football League and won the Defensive Player of the Year three award three times. Arguably his best season came in 2012 when he registered 81 tackles, 39 tackles for loss, 43 quarterback hits, 20.5 sacks, 16 passes defended, forced four fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Since 2016 Watt has struggled with injuries so his production hasn’t been near what it once was. Still when healthy in 2018 he recorded 61 tackles, 18 tackles for loss, 25 quarterback hits, 16 sacks, four passes defended and forced seven fumbles.

So he’s not too far away from double digits in sacks. In 2020 to say the Texans defense struggled is an understatement, yet in 16 games Watt still led the team with five sacks. He also recorded 52 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 17 quarterback hits, seven passes defended, forced two fumbles and recovered a fumble.

Now the question becomes where will Watt play next? As for the Texans the next priority is to find a trade partner to move disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watt also went on Twitter to let Texans fans know what happened and here it is. Also here’s a look at the reaction to the news as well.


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