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Cleveland Browns : Is The Chase For Adam Gase Over?

(Image courtesy of Yahoo! Sports)
(Image courtesy of Yahoo! Sports)

CLEVELAND —  Leave it to long-time nemesis, John Elway to throw a monkey wrench in the Cleveland Browns plan to hire Adam Gase.

Gase, the offensive coordinator of the record-setting Denver Broncos, is reportedly rumored to be leaning towards staying in the Rocky Mountains, even if offered the Browns head coaching job.

In his first year as Broncos play caller, replacing Mike McCoy—now the head coach of the San Diego Chargers—the Broncos scored an NFL record 606 points, helped guide future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning to his best-ever season in passing for career highs—and NFL single season records—in touchdowns (55) and passing yards (5,477)

Elway, the executive vice president of football operations, stated that he wishes that Gase would stay and referring to him as “studly” in putting off interviews for head coaching offers.  I think it’s safe to assume that thanks to Elway, Gase will not volunteer himself to become Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi’s next scapegoat/fall guy for their horrific incompetence.

This writer feels for Gase or any other coach that decides to put himself at the mercy of a clearly clueless and dysfunctional franchise that threw a rookie head coach in Rob Chudzinski under the bus for no reason is one to stay away from.

Whatever appeal or allure that Cleveland once had, was all but stripped away in their bumbled handling of Chudzinski’s ouster.

Answer this question? Why would any coach, let alone one in a two-time—and stable—Super Bowl winning organization with this generation’s greatest regular-season quarterback leave to join a glorified circus clown operation such as the Browns?

With the Three Stooges running the show on the shores of Lake Erie, they’d be lucky to land Homey the Clown now.

Once again, Elway finds a way to stick it to the Browns. Only in Cleveland, right?

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  1. I think he should stay in Denver for 3 years to prove himself before coming to the Browns or another other team as head coaching job. We need someone with experience and innovation. I think the Browns job is too big for many coaches lacking experience.

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