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Paul George Showcases His Immaturity With Spectacular Dunk During Win Over Clippers

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Paul George
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There is no question that Paul George is having a tremendous season for the Indiana Pacers and tonight improved the Pacers record to 32-7  with a 14 point win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

He played 36 minutes while scoring 36 points on 12-17 field goals including 5-6 from the three-point line and 7-7 from the free throw line. Also, contributed six rebounds, along with two assists and three steals. The highlight of the night came in the fourth quarter with the Pacers up 20 as George came up with a steal and went for a spectacular 360 windmill dunk reminiscent of one done by Vince Carter in 2000 during the dunk contest.

If anything that kind of dunk only belongs in the dunk contest and illustrates George’s immaturity. Sure it entertained the home crowd and those in attendance will get to recount what happened first hand to friends, family, co-workers or even strangers on the streets. Yet, would he have made the same move while trailing? No. How about with the game close or tied?Again no, so what makes it acceptable when the game is out of hand? Nothing. Also, would never see Kevin Durant or Lebron James do that.

Showing up an opponent regardless of sport is never acceptable and the game was also testy to begin with as David West got ejected for elbowing Blake Griffin. Hopefully as George matures he will learn to either just make an easy two-handed dunk attempt or lay the ball in. The Clippers aren’t going to forget that dunk either.

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