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When the 2016 season kicks off on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns travel to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. This game has taken on a twist in the most recent week. It now becomes a battle of the number 2s. Let us take a look at this game. Robert Griffin III vs. Carson Wentz Robert Griffin III in now entering his 5th season in the NFL. After four difficult years as a member of the Washington Redskins, Griffin finds himself as a starter with the Cleveland Browns. How will this workout? Many think that the move is a great on for RG3 and the Browns. Hugh Jackson is viewed upon as a quarterback-friendly coach. He is viewed as the type of person that could help resurrect the career of RG3. If that can be the case, then the Cleveland Browns could be a team of the future. We will see how these two work together during the week one game in Philadelphia. For the Philadelphia Eagles, the future is now. They made a move to trade their starting QB, Sam Bradford, to the Minnesota Vikings for two draft picks. Then a couple of days later it was announced that rookie QB Carson Wentz would leap frog Chase Daniel and become the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles. I see this as the right move. The Eagles spent in cash cow in the days before the 2016 Draft to get Wentz. Out of the top 2 QBs selected I believe that he will be the better of the two taken. He is pro ready, and it is showing. He ran a pro-style offense in college and the work shows. I believe that Wentz can run the Doug Pederson offense just as good. I look forward to watching this play out on Sunday afternoon. Eagles Defense The defense of the Philadelphia Eagles is said to be the strong side of this team in 2016. If that is the case, and the rookie QB can stay away from killer mistakes, the Eagles could find themselves in many ball games with the chance to win. I am not sold on this premonition. I think the Eagles defense will be on the field more than its offense. With that being the case watch for the Browns offense to take advantage of a tired bunch. The Eagles may be looking to find their nest a lot sooner in this game. Browns Offense I think the offense of the Cleveland Browns could be fairly explosive. To be honest, if the Brown’s run game can produce positive yardage and Hugh Jackson’s play calling can become unpredictable, the Browns are in for a good treat. I look for the Cleveland Browns to be able to move the ball on Sunday. This game will be one of the most watched games on Sunday afternoon. Just because of the headliners, if nothing else. It is RG3 vs. Carson Wentz – Battle of the 2s. Which two will win? You will need to tune into the game Sunday to find out.

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