Cosplay: Facts And Figures About Anime Costumes

If you ask around some people, you will notice that people of every age kids, young or old, watch anime. The fans of anime are in millions and they are increasing day by day. Most of the fans, especially the kids and the young ones, want to wear costumes of their favorite character. It is natural that when you love a TV character, you want to adopt its lifestyle. An Anime convention is an event where anime fans can get dressed like anyone they want from anime characters. Let’s see some exciting anime cosplay facts.

Facts about Anime Cosplay

  • Cosplay is short for Costume and Play. Cosplayer is a person who wears a cosplay of his/her favorite character to participate in a Costume event like Comic con.
  • In basic, there are three types of cosplayers. One who likes to dress up like a certain professional such as a nurse, army man or pope? Second, who wants to dress up like their favorite fantasy characters from anime, manga or video games? Third, who makes their own costume?
  • A group of people who wear the costumes according to any similar specific anime theme is called awase group.
  • There are many men who dress up as their female characters from anime which is called gender-bending cosplay.
  • The popular anime ‘Sailor Moon’ which aired last time in 1997 enthused trillions of cosplayers to wear Japanese schoolgirl miniskirts.

Famous Cosplayers

Although, millions of people wear costumes every year, some of them have become very famous around the world. They have won many awards and gained the attention of their viewers. Most of them have adopted cosplaying as a profession. Yes, many people are adopting it like a profession. They wear the cosplays to advertise the characters and most of these cosplayers are female. Some of the most famous cosplayers are:

  • Jessica Nigri
  • Yaya Han
  • Spiral cats
  • Lisa Lou Who
  • D-Piddy
  • Linda Le
  • Alodia Gosiengfiao
  • Meagan Marie
  • Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
  • Myrtle Sarrosa

These creative people have brought out the most famous and loved one characters so amazingly that people are now becoming fans of them.

About Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Cosplay is a famous Japanese manga series presented by Iro Aida. In a very short time, this show has made a lot of fans. Many of them wear costumes for the comic con events. The main character’s costume includes a chocolate-brown color full sleeves vest with dress pants and a cap. You can buy one from one of the best and reliable cosplay websites Wig-Supplier. You can also buy costumes of other characters from this show and others from this site.

Now let’s see what the most famous and wanted cosplays of men, women and kids wear. This will help you get your costume for the next Comic con.

Men’s Cosplay

As told above, there are three basic types of cosplayers and most of the men choose either the video gaming characters like The Witcher, Kratos, Mario and Scorpion etc, or the superhero characters like Batman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, Indiana Jones etc. From Anime, some men wear the costumes of female characters which they like or adored. Some just have fun by doing this gender bending.

It has been seen that in every comic con, some boys come into groups. These groups represent a similar theme of a show. For example, a group of boys wearing the Avengers costume. Such a group is called awase group.

Women’s Cosplays

For women, there is a huge variety of cosplays in each type. The most adored and motivated type is from anime. People love the anime girls and also love their cosplays including dresses, make ups and hair styles. The most famous cosplays that get most of the attention in the previous comic conventions are Jessica Rabbit, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Asuna, Jill from Resident evil, Rias Gremory and many more. The list for women cosplays is unlimited. However, to buy one cosplay costume is difficult but there are many cosplay websites now from where you can get one online. From their names, you can know that you do not even have to get worried about the wigs. You will be amazed to see the collection of wigs they have.

Kid’s Cosplay

Although kids watch every kind of cartoon, we all know that they are fans of super heroes. Whenever it comes to the Halloween or comic con, they will prefer to dress up like their favorite superhero or example, iron man, batman, flash, Thor or any famous superhero. Most of the young boys, inspired from video games, dress up like their loved character from their favorite game.

As far as the concern of girls, they like to dress up like princesses like Cinderella, Ana, Jasmine, Mulan etc. Recently, the cosplay that most of the girls tried was of Queen Elsa.



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