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Cowboys Star Ezekiel Elliott Involved In Late Night Altercation

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After a 13-3 season, fans across all social media platforms had high hopes for the upcoming season.  The defense was supposed to have fixed the secondary issues with rookies drafted, Dak Prescott was expected to perform even better because of gaining familiarity with the playbook. Most of all, the better performing players remained on the roster from last season.

Ezekiel Elliott was supposed to further etch his name in the record books for rushing, possibly even have a bigger role in the offense.  As it stands right now, the Dallas Cowboys have already put their fingers on the “self-destruct” button.

Damien Wilson has already been in trouble for backing his truck into a tailgater and flashing a rifle.  Wilson also admitted he had road rage, according to CBS DFW.  Nolan Carroll was also arrested and charged with DWI, according to WFAA Dallas.

Adding to the Dallas Cowboys legal issues, Ezekiel Elliott is under investigation for domestic violence in 2016, and a parade incident.  This morning, news broke that Ezekiel Elliott had been in a fight with a bouncer last night.

CBS DFW reports that there have been no arrests made, but this won’t look good with the other incident under investigation.  With training camp just days away, the Cowboys will have to put these on the back burner until more information is made available.

According to a tweet by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Elliott wasn’t even named a suspect.  Also according to the statement, the victim isn’t even 100% sure who committed the assault.   The Dallas Cowboys management are aware of the situation, and fans can rest assured that they will get to the bottom of the situation.  Did the success of last season get to Elliott’s head and cause him to change?  Is Elliott even as troubled as he seems?  Are the Cowboys worth the hype? Everyone will soon find out.

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