If you are a Muslim lady, it is obvious that you are envious of the other women who have perfectly manicured as well as colorful nails. Nail polish is something that Muslim women are not allowed to wear until they are going through their monthly cycles or are getting excused from the regular prayers that they have to perform. Ablution or Wudu is something that is not considered to be valid until and unless Muslim Ladies use non-porous nail polishes.

The reason behind this is that water is not capable of reaching your fingernails. However, halal nail polishes are responsible for making headlines in the world of beauty. Most of the brands have started marketing one kind of a porous nail polish, which the Muslim ladies can use as well.

What are halal nail polishes?

Mersi Cosmetics are one of the top places to get Halal nail polishes are breathable nail polishes that allow water to permeate through and reach the nails. The technology of halal nail polishes is similar to the technology of contact lenses that allow hydration and oxygen to pass through. It is considered to be the best halal solution for Muslim ladies.

Apart from that, breathable nail polishes are also responsible for keeping your nails healthy in comparison to traditional nail polishes, because any breathable nail polish is enriched with several essential oils.

This makeup permits water to permeate through the nail polish and reach the nail bed. Therefore, these kinds of nail polishes can be used for your everyday life, without worrying about prayers and ablution. You can purchase the halal nail polish from Mersi Cosmetics to experience the beauty associated with halal nail polishes.

Are nail polishes Halal?

Several debates have been going on regarding the usability of Halal nail polishes and whether or not Muslim women should be wearing this kind of polishes. Few conservative scholars have argued that nail polish, irrespective of their kind, need to be avoided and the reason behind this is that they are ornamental. Like all other flashy ornaments, ladies should not wear nail polishes when they are with their non-mahrams.

Few other scholars were responsible for defending the usage of breathable nail polishes and considered them to be an important halal alternative. Using normal nail polish is embarrassing for the Muslim ladies as it is an indication for menstruation, as stated by www.halalzilla.com.

Another criticism that the breathable nail polishes faced is whether they were truly halal. Scholars stated that the permeability of this kind of nail polish is not high. The reason behind this is that there has been no credible research as well as facts that could support the breathability of the nail polishes.

Few scientists were responsible for conducting experiments by using coffee filters, and applied a single quote of the breathable nail polish and the regular nail polish and allowed the filters to dry. One more coffee filter was placed underneath before placing water. With the help of this experiment, water could seep through, and this supported the claims associated with permeability.


Halal nail polishes are being used by women all over the world. As a Muslim lady, you can also try this kind of nail polish if you are interested in doing so. You do not have to worry about cleaning your nails before your prayers. For more information on Mersi Cosmetics and where to get halal nail posh, check out their site here.





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