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Cryptocurrency: Top Bitcoin Apps Of 2019

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A new form of transaction has taken the world by storm. Bitcoin, which is also known as a type of a cryptocurrency, allows you to buy certain types of services or products without having a specific amount of money in your bank account.

Some see this as a revolution, and a practical one at that, especially that there are a number of countries now that are officially recognizing Bitcoin as an actual currency that you can use to purchase goods. Given recent events, and the fact that bitcoin has been growing lately, it does not come off as a surprise that there are apps now that assist you in engaging in bitcoin transactions.


As you might have heard, there are some bitcoin apps that don’t work on android, can’t be installed on your desktop, or are banned by Apple in the App store. Fortunately, GreenAddress does not fall into this category, in fact this app is available everywhere! You can download this bitcoin wallet on your desktop, android, web, and iOS! It is also a multi-signature app, which means that it takes a bunch of manual signature and confirmation from you before using as a means for safety.


Fold is yet another practical Bitcoin app that users love to use, and here is why: Fold allows its users to use their Bitcoin money in infamous stores like Whole Foods, Target and Starbucks! Users can easily download Fold on their phones, and pay a special visit to Target without going to the ATM first or bringing their actual wallet with them.


This is the best time to start downloading bitcoin apps, especially that a lot of countries had already recognized bitcoin as a commodity, like Indonesia, so you can buy Bitcoin in Indonesia and start using it as an actual currency. A great Bitcoin app that you can use is available on both android and iOS, so that many users can use it. It is known for its automatic backups, so that new users don’t have to worry about manually backup their wallet again. Edge is known to be a breeze for new users and that it doesn’t have trouble users with difficult technicalities.


Many bitcoin users love the new Bitcoin app, Spare. This Bitcoin allows users to swiftly exchange their Bitcoin into cash without any troubles. It is fairly easy to use, the only thing users have to do is request cash and then they receive a barcode which they can they cant take to a any shop close to them, where the barcode gets scanned and they get cash that they can spare. Users can also use Spare to exchange traditional money, which means that they don’t have to pay the ATM a visit every once in a while.

Bitcoin Apps

The world is gradually changing in my aspects including money transactions; you no longer have to play by the traditional rules of exchanging currencies anymore, since there is a new, legally approved way that you can exchange your money into another currency as you please. You no longer have to pay regular visits to the ATM or carry your wallet all the time with you because the new Bitcoin apps have made this process much easier.

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