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Culture: Our Favorite Alien Conspiracies

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Alien conspiracy theories have become almost commonplace in modern culture. With each significant event, there are those that proclaim ulterior motives and shenanigans are afoot. It seems as though new conspiracy theories pop up with each generation, and show no signs of slowing down.

With that in mind, we’d like to take the opportunity to analyze a few of the more interesting ones, and whether they carry any weight. Just make sure you put on your tin foil hat before you continue reading. You know, just in case.

Life on Mars

Throughout all the debates surrounding alien life, it always seems to center on Mars, doesn’t it? Despite the fact that science claims that the planet would be simply uninhabitable. Mars is apparently the most likely to host alien life.

It would seem naive to suggest that Earth is the only planet in the universe capable of sustaining life. The universe is a pretty big place, or so I’m told. It would make sense to think there were life on other planets.

Would they, however, visit our planet? Well, there is plenty of reported UFO activity to suggest that they would. You don’t have to search far into the depths of the internet to find witness accounts. Whether they’re the real deal or not is down to your discretion.

The Illuminati

You’ve seen the signs before right. The pyramid and the eye. Allegedly the markings of the New World Order. What that means is a one-world government. The idea is that the world leaders act together to control the earth. Okay, maybe that’s not such a weird suggestion. Although it is a little farfetched.

But wait. It gets weirder. What about the idea that those same world leaders are actually from another planet? Or, better yet, reptilian overlords from another dimension?

It may sound crazy, but there are certainly some strange things afoot. Just look into the bizarre practices of the Bohemian Grove. It’s an exclusive club with former United States presidents being members. Spooky stuff.

The Roswell Files

Perhaps the most significant of all conspiracies surrounding extraterrestrial life. Roswell offers the most convincing argument. A 1947 press release made the rounds directly from the army base of the same name. It proclaimed that a flying disc had been found at a ranch in New Mexico.

As you might expect, this sent the world into a frenzy. Rumors were abound that bodies were recovered amongst the wreckage, but this was never confirmed. Of course, that led to speculation that the government was keeping whatever happened well under wraps.

The statement made by the military was later retracted, further raising suspicion with the general public. As a matter of fact, what had been discovered was simply a weather balloon and crash dummies. Sounds convincing, right? Whatever the truth is, Area 51 is under such tight security that there must be something interesting behind those gates.

What are some of your favorite alien conspiracy theories? And, as a wise man once said, do you, too, want to believe?

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