It’s that time of year again. We’re all getting excited about Christmas, and beginning to think of New Year’s resolutions. The thing is, most resolutions lists focus on exercise and fitness. But, let’s face it, no-one’s keeping that up for more than a month or two. (We’ve all tried it, let’s not kid ourselves this year!)

Instead, let’s pick a hobby that you will keep up all year round. Everyone needs a good hobby. It keeps us busy, engaged, and passionate. And the New Year is a great time to get involved in something. In this post, we’ll introduce you to five new hobbies to consider in 2016. They’re all easy to get into, and you don’t have to go anywhere near the gym!

1. Genealogy – Genealogy is all about family history and tracing your relatives. It’s a fascinating hobby once you get started. You’ll retrace the lives of your grandparents, and their extended family. You’ll find out whether your relatives served in the army or fought in the world wars. In fact, look online, and you’ll find a history of Canadian Soldiers in World War 2 . Perhaps your family was part of this historic event. Either way, you’ll learn some fascinating stories.

2. Cooking – Have you always wanted to become a genius in the kitchen? Perhaps 2016 is your year. You can break out those recipe books that people keep getting you for Christmas! Start with something simple like cookies and cupcakes before getting more adventurous. Or why not start a challenge? Try cooking one dish from each country in the world. That’ll keep things interesting!

3. Start a website – It’s now easier than ever to get your own website up and running. With a little research, it won’t take long to get your site looking great. You can use simple templates using a platform like WordPress or Tumblr. It’s a great way to write about your passions or family life. If you’re into fashion, why not start a fashion blog, or online store? You can even make a little money by selling advertising and affiliates.

4. Join a book club – One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to read more books. We think it’s one of the best resolutions you can choose. It will open you up to a whole world of stories and authors. Perhaps you can start or join a book club. That way, you can share your reading experience with others. Plus, it will keep you motivated to stay on track!

5. Gaming – Gaming might seem like a childish hobby. But, just wait until you start exploring the exciting worlds that lay ahead! Gaming is becoming a global phenomenon, with worldwide arena events and competitions. Consoles are now more powerful than ever, and there’s something for the entire family. Whatever your age or interests, you’ll find something you enjoy.

This New Year, forget about the usual health and fitness resolutions. We all know they’ll fall by the wayside by February! Instead, choose something that you really love and enjoy. That way, you’ll keep up the good work right through the year.

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