You mean to tell me the Giants lead the NFC East at 6-7, and the Cowboys – THE COWBOYS – are actually still ALIVE for the division title?  That’s exactly what happened!!! And only a PART of this week’s Gridiron Gospel!

The AFC East is Brady’s to lose.  But the Jets are making some progress.  In fact, a lot of progress at 8-5.  Can the Jets complete the turnaround and sneak into the playoffs? We shall see.  Buffalo hasn’t made enough plays and Miami is still a mess.

The AFC North Division? Well, that’s interesteing.  Cincinnati is on top, but minus the Red Rocket for a while.  Baltimore played itself OUT of the playoffs by stinking up the joint against Seattle (more on Seattle in a bit).  But I have this strange feeling Pittsburgh may not be done talking.

The AFC West is wild – and WEIRD.  My original pick, the Chargers, not so well.  UGH!  Get ready for the draft and a move to L.A.  The Broncos are 10-3.  Why?  Better yet, HOW?  Their defense has a LOT to say about it.  But they lost to the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday in Denver.  That’s not supposed to happen.  Or maybe the Raiders may have figured some things out.

The AFC South is – can I say it? Can I say it?  A MESS! Three teams (Colts, Jaguars, Texans) within a game of each other.  But this division WAS the Colts’ to lose, until their offense became inept for a few games and then Sunday they were waxed by the Jaguars.  For some reason when the Jags and Colts get together, something STRANGE happens.  Then again that may be a huge UNDERSTATEMENT.

Now to the NFC and we start in the West.  Birds flying high in the desert.  That’s the Arizona Cardinals at 11-2 after they beat the Vikings this past Thursday night.  The 49ers lost to the Browns  – the BROWNS of all teams!  UGH!!! Draft central in Santa Clara! Seattle had their chance but the Cardinals took care of them and then you have the Rams.  They defeated Detroit, but the Rams too may be headed back to Los Angeles.  Oh boy!

Speaking of the the East, Giants, Redskins, Eagles all win. Cowboys suffer.  This is a repeat of the NFC South from last year.  Odell Becham, Jr, helped seal the win Monday night in Miami.  Shady McCoy got shaded out by the Eagles defense on Sunday afternoon.  And Kirk Cousins dismantled the Bears in a quarter and the ‘Skins defense held on for the win.

The NFC South belongs to the Carolina Panthers – PERIOD!  Cam Newton has taken everyone apart in that division.  Not to mention everyone else that was in front of him.  Atlanta has collapsed, New Orleans never got it together, and Tampa Bay has shown signs, but not enough of them.

Finally the NFC North may belong to the Packers after all.  The Vikings don’t want it.  They lose in spotlight games (Arizona).  The Bears are still in shambles and the Detroit Lions (who beat the Bears earlier in the season) are the Detroit Lions.  Will Matt Stafford be back?  Who knows?

Who will be our CFP National Champion? Was the Heisman awarded to the right person? Why wasn’t Northwestern given an invite to the New Year’s Six?  Okay I slipped that question in for personal reasons.  But the other two and much more will be answered on the next edition of The Gridiron Gospel!  Thanks everybody and God Bless!

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